Bamboo FlooringSelecting bamboo flooring brings a warm, sophisticated, and comfortable feel that’s serene and down-to-earth. Note, not all bamboo floors will be of the same quality so it’s best to rely on your local flooring specialty store to be sure you get the right product and have it installed correctly. I am far from an expert on flooring/bamboo, however, I THINK that the age of the bamboo has a lot to do with the durability. I was hesitating to buy the floor we had liked because the specialist mentioned that it was really from bamboo trees.

One flooring contractor told me that bamboo flooring ranges from roughly 3-8 years and you dont want flooring in the 3 year or less range… it is not as hard or tough. I think bamboo is in the same family as grass ie. your lawn, and may have the potential for aggrevating seasonal allergies, not sure though. Pin meters have been known to work well on traditional bamboo if you insert the pins parallel with the grain of the material and at the same depth.

Your flooring and moisture meter manufacturer should be able to provide you with information that will help you accurately calibrate and test the moisture content of the specific materials you are working with. These settings were derived from sample populations of the different flooring products provided by the above manufacturers. It is possible the resin from various species of bamboo (specifically with strand bamboo flooring) will interfere with electrical conductivity. No. Bamboo flooring has a higher moisture resistance than most solid hardwood flooring materials.

To obtain updated information, it’s best to contact your bamboo manufacturer, who may be able to provide you with updated meter instructions that will help you calibrate your meter and collect accurate readings with the materials you are working with. Strand-woven is considered to be the strongest of the three types of bamboo and is more resistant to moisture changes because it is manufactured under intense pressure. Some of these factors include the region where the bamboo was grown, the age when it was harvested, the directional grain, and the manufacturing process.

This manufacturing process helps make strand woven bamboo more resistant to moisture changes. Strand-woven bamboo tends to take longer to acclimate because it is a dense material with fibers sheathed in glue. Because bamboo flooring is hygroscopic, controlling moisture content is one of the most important components for success. Temperature and humidity changes in the environment are known to cause vertical obstruction in bamboo flooring. Physical obstructions such as kitchen islands will also be problematic if proper expansion space is not allocated. Many installers mistakenly believe bamboo flooring doesn’t need to be acclimated because the pieces are glued together individually.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

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