Living Room DesignGetting back to nature by using gray and earth tones, with splashes of soft pastel to bold natural colors is on the board if you’re keeping up with the designer world trend. Artificial flowers, dried flowers, cactus/cacti or bonsai plants should not be kept in the living room as they are considered inauspicious. Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North, East and North-East of living room as aquarium is considered to be a powerful remedy to nullify many vastu defects. I have always been interested in various principles of design, layout and space arrangement, this Hub interested me 🙂 you have a new follower. Living room and kitchen share the same space in this house, in which the color, light and dynamic environments mark its decoration. The seating area was organized in front of the fireplace with a gray sofa and two red chairs.

Create a beautiful living room decor with a design concept proper to the conditions that exist in the living room or can be tailored to the needs for the room. Living room decor can be applied to a variety of beautiful design concept and attractive and can even create a classy living room as seen in the example image above. In this example, the decoration is applied to the concept of the living room is beautiful and classy design. To give the feel of a classy, you can with luxurious interior design concept or can be applied with a modern concept. In addition, a neat arrangement of the room can also add beauty to the living room.Living Room Design

When you know what you wish, you may look at various living room interior design ideas. As a lot of living room interior designs experts would say, the best colour for a living space is a neutral and light shade. It is one way to improve and enhance the look and the furnishings of our room and somehow add up a touch of beauty and poise. Well then, here are some furniture or fixtures, which are very common to see in our living room that certainly helped to put an accent on the decorations. Another significant furniture to include in the living room is the coffee table which is the centre piece of our room.

A living room is not one without chairs and sofa sets in it. There are several types that are made of wood, glass, and metals and come in various designs. With all these fixtures plus a combination of light and the right color, it is pretty sure that we can create a perfect and beautiful living room. Welcome and surprise your guests with the relaxing atmosphere that is in your living room. If the paint on the walls of your living room is fading away, you can think of getting the room repainted. Using darker colors or many colors would make the room look bad after the decorations are put. Before starting the decorations, you need to clean the whole of the living room.

The focal point can be anywhere such as the place where the TV is kept or the fireplace location. Arrange the furniture in an appropriate manner, according to the space left in the room. There are various kinds of show accessories that can be placed in the living room. For rooms with fireplaces, the best choice is to color the fireplace or put mirrors at a suitable distance from it, so that they reflect light and enhance the rooms ambiance. When designing a room from scratch, it is hard to imagine everything in your head so that is why interior design software is made.

Living Room Design

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