Vinyl FlooringEarthwerks – flooring inspired by nature, Earthwerks brings the freshness of nature indoors for a year round natural effect. If you click on the links found on this site and make a purchase, we may receive a portion of that sale at no additional cost to you. With the flooring being linoleum it has more give and movement and you don’t want the paint to crack or separate from the surface you painted. I have vinyl floors-ugly, ugly faux stone-rental property.. You have no idea-wait, yes you do-how many times I threaten to paint mine and take the hit paying for more ugly vinyl replacement after I move out.Vinyl Flooring

You should begin by unrolling your flooring preferably in a room bigger than the room you’ll be fitting it in, this will give you space to trim any flooring down to a more manageable size making it easier to work with. If you’re fitting the flooring in a kitchen then remove your door and kick plates below your cupboards. If you have a perfect straight edge on one side of the flooring and your skirting board is also straight, you can line the two up to give you a start without the need to cut.

Lay the flooring as flat as possible and ensure any tile/ wood effect lines are perpendicular with the walls before you start cutting. Use the bolster to work the flooring into the corners and then cut into the corner to make it easier to position. Then use the scissors to cut lines around the fixture to be able to position the flooring around the fixture (see video).

Work along the wall until you come to the toilet or sink and position the flooring against the centre of the pedestal or toilet and cut a line about 3cm up from the floor level straight through to the end of the roll. Once you’ve cut roughly around the fixtures, check to make sure the flooring is still in position against the wall and flatten it out across the floor as much as possible. Now that the flooring has been cut to size it will need to be stuck down, this can either be done by sticking the edges down with double sided tape to the sub floor or by using a spray or liquid adhesive to stick it down.

A cheap and quick fix using peel and stick vinyl flooring might be just the thing you need! Joe Kruper and his company Kruper Flooring have never failed to provide me with top quality products and service at the most competitive prices. No other company I have found can outperform or compete on price better than Kruper Flooring. Avoid low-lying areas that collect water because excess moisture may cause premature wood rot, make your hinges rust, and promote mold and mildew growth.

Vinyl Flooring

Master Bathroom Peel And Stick Wood Plank Flooring
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