Vinyl FlooringTo post about the little happenings and projects that we’ve been working on in the last few months, so I’m taking over, to help out. The one specific flooring don’t that I have simply because I don’t think it’s very useful but seems to be a fairly prominent opinion spreading throughout the net waves for some reason is to paint your basement floor. As far as basement flooring ideas go for carpeting, let yourself go wild if you’ve ensured the proper protection. It’s easy and sometimes a very common practice to get engineered wood flooring confused with laminate flooring.

When you like the look of wood but need some durability, laminates make a choice alternative as a basement flooring idea due to several reasons. But again, just like carpets, you’re going to want to make sure that you have done the prep work and installed some sort of subfloor to begin with before installing laminate flooring in a basement. In fact, it doesn’t even really have any wood pieces, more like several layers of a plastic resin. But because of this, one key measure that you’ll need to account floor is the installation surface must be fairly level.

Then, they apply a melamine backing and place a printed pattern on the surface and, walla, you have laminate flooring These printed patterns come in many more designs other than wood, they can come in flagstone, marble, tile, basically anything picturesque. While laminate flooring contains a picture of the woodlike structure, engineered wood flooring contains actual wood slices to form the look of the surface and not a picture. Tools to cut the tiles for those odd pieces around corners and along the walls.

However, just make sure that you are using some form of glazed floor tiles, you do not want to use the ceramic tiles that are used most commonly on bathroom walls and such. Glazed flooring tiles are coated which makes them virtually impossible to penetrate due to the longer firing times spent in the kiln. Because they are typically fired much longer than ceramic tiles, that glaze gives the tiles some serious hardness and helps it withstand much more to the wear and tear of basically any flooring application, especially in the basement.Vinyl Flooring

So you need to keep this in mind that along with tiling a basement floor you might need to also install some form of radiant floor heating as well to warm the tiles to the touch some making it a bit more comfortable to walk around on with your bare feet. Flooring Xtra specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of vinyl, in a variety of designs to suit any home or commercial space.

Vinyl Flooring

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