Vinyl FlooringFloorwise is a leading West Australian company with more than 20 years industry experience providing high quality flooring professionally installed throughout Western Australia. The tiles is practical and excellent to install on concreted patios which you do not wish to be subjected to the extreme temperatures, deterioration or unsightly stains. This particular flooring comes in a number of colors such as red, blue, black, green, white and yellow. DITRA provides a simple permanent solution to moisture protection for your wood subfloor.

If soil isn’t large; it is possible to spray the outdoor rubber flooring off using a garden hose. Should you be in search of an affordable, fast and simple to install floor that you could transfer anytime you wish to; then outdoor rubber flooring could be the outdoor floor option to suit your needs. You will also learn how you can successfully use the Schluter DITRA installation system over just about every possible level subfloor surface.

Second- DITRA acts as a moisture barrier, this is especially valuable over a wood substrate since wood is prone to damage by constant moisture contact. Third- Since wood is constantly absorbing and releasing moisture as mentioned above the DITRA membrane allows the wood substrate to breath and gives it a route for excess moisture to escape. The most popular thought when thinking of installing flooring in a home with a wheelchair or walker is hardwood flooring.

DITRA is 1/8 inch thick and works well over any substrate where a thin set installation is desired as in bringing a tile floor up to a thin carpet floor or other fairly thin flooring surface. In each installation you will learn the specific requirements for substrate preparation, movement joints, setting and grouting materials, minimum recommended tile sizes, and what applications are most common for this type of substrate. You will also find extra recommendations or other considerations that might pertain to your installation. The flooring should be a fairly smooth or regular surface for ease of use by persons with mobility or balance issues.Vinyl Flooring

Schluter Systems puts a 5 year warranty on their DITRA and DITRA-XL products when properly installed according to published installation instructions. Hardwood flooring looks beautiful when first installed but with the wear and tear of a wheelchair or just daily living hardwood begins to show signs of wear. If you do decide to install hardwood flooring, the harder the wood the better it will wear. The following are the Janka hardness ratings for woods common for flooring in the USA.

Vinyl Flooring

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