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Rugs are the essential part of interior décor. It does make any difference whether you are setting your
home or office, you will need rugs at both places. With every brand, there are multiple options in rugs, it
is always up to your own likeness and affordability that finally helps you select a rug. Rugs amplify the
graces of floors and give them a glam look along with comfort. They are also the integral part of hotel
floors to impart them elegance. The best part is that there is a huge variety available in rugs that
distinguish them in terms of styles, textures and colors. With this massive collection, every choice is
easily accommodated. Thus you have multiple options available for decorating your floors and impress
your visitors.

The most important thing to be noted in rugs is their texture which decides their price and above all
their life. You have also to note at which place you are going to use the rug and how much traffic will be
there. Another equally significant question is the level of comfort you want. These are the significant
questions which help you finalize the quality of rugs you need for your floors. There are several types of
rugs such as wool rugs, silk, cotton, sisal, jute, sea grass, animal skins and synthetic. These rugs have
their pros and cons and are made to be used at particular places.

If you want to go for durability and softness nothing is comparable with wool rugs. They are preferred
by lots of people for their strength, outstanding stain and water repellency. Moreover, they are termed
as luxury rugs for their great comfort and coziness. The ideal places to lay these rugs include areas
where the traffic is quite frequent. The places where traffic is not so frequent, there silk rugs are
preferred. They are particularly notable for their sheen and smoothness.

If you have likeness for natural fibers, the best selection is for sisal, jute and sea grass that are free from
all harmful chemical processing. Their major attraction is that they are durable and renewable while
their rich textures also make them number one preference for a number of people. The luxury rugs
made up of sisal, jute and sea grass are best to be used in living rooms and the places where there
people mover more than often. With this type of rugs, animal skin rugs are also liked by a great majority
of people in the world.

The last category in luxury rugs are synthetic rugs that are made up with man-made fibers. Easy washing
is the most remarkable thing about them. For their strong content, they are ideal for places that are
damp. They are moisture-repellent and remain usable for a long period of time. Some special synthetic
rugs can also be used for outdoors. Though synthetic rugs are not considered comfy for the feet but for
their durability, myriads of styles and particularly their prices make them ideal for you.

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