Understanding the PABX Phone System

Private Automatic Branch Exchange, or simply PABX, is basically just another term used to refer to telephone system (also called a switchboard. The technology is typically used as an internal telephone system in offices. PABX systems will normally have plenty of internal lines that connect to one primary switchboard.

The word, “branch,” is included in the term because of the several different mediums hooked up to a PABX system, bringing together all aspects of the system within the business. PABX systems are highly complicated in that they may be used both as a telephone system, modem and fax machine at once, and as internal communication among employees.

A PABX basically works as a modem acting as the key control station. Every time a new call enters the system, it is routed by this control station. With the PABX being assigned to special codes per telephone number of extension in the company, the call will be forwarded to the right place by following that assigned code. A PABX can as well be programmed to play a recorded before the call goes is sent to the assigned line. As for the fax function, you can simply set up a connection from the fax machine to the control station. The machine can as well also be connected to more than one fax machine.
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PABX machines can now be upgraded so that they can be manipulated through a computer system that can track all outgoing and incoming calls. This computer system can be customized so that it controls who makes calls to particular networks. It is also an effective way of monitoring the private phone usage of employees during office hours.
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For businesses, PABX machines couldn’t be more perfect as they can be used as auto attendants. That means all calls will be handled efficiently, even when there is no live person to take them. In this light, PABX systems are very effective for huge businesses that take plenty of calls. PABXs are very useful office machines as they offer a whole range of different functions aside from the basics mentioned above. PABX systems are very handy for holding conference calls, which are now considered a necessity for business people, knowing how tight schedules are that there is almost always no time for personal meetings. This is very advantageous for overseas clients where telephony is the only option for communication.

To conclude, it is easily understandable how a PABX can be of immense use to a business. There are a lot of telecommunications companies selling PABX systems and offering special deals. Some of such deals include renting the unit instead of buying it. PABX systems can be quite pricey, so there are packages which enable the company to pay in installments until the total cost of their PABX system is covered.

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