Living Room DesignWe’ve put together five easy-to-follow guidelines and lots of pictures to make it easy for you to achieve an expertly put-together room that expresses your personal style and is worthy of appearing in your favorite decorating magazine. You can pull off just about any living room design style you want while lowering the cost of your energy bill. In other words, you can make your energy efficient living room design look great and work better all at the same time! And while a lot of your design choices will be contingent on the size and space you have available there are a few common approaches that are tried and tested.Living Room Design

You don’t have to stick religiously to any particular design approach, but consistency is a basic feature of any stylish room, so we’ve listed a few simple directions that you could go down when designing your living room. Another option for living room design is to go all-out on comfort and lay your room out like a snug. A matching dark ceiling and recessed light really make these shelves a design statement.

It’s all to do with classic features along with that classic living room comfort: A comfy sofa with one or two arm chairs laid out around a coffee table, maybe in front of a TV. This layout serves a range of purposes for living rooms that are used for chilling out, chatting, eating and watching TV. From a style perspective, when you think of the traditional living room you might think of your parents’ living rooms you grew up with, which probably means decor that would now seem rather aged.

Beyond layout, the traditional living room goes for earthy or neutral tones to compliment the eclectic mix of things that unavoidably end up in living rooms – from bookshelves to toy chests to bureaus, desks and tables. This is an easy design plan, because basically you’ll be going for all soft furnishings without any extra bits of hard furniture. Part of creating a snug is ensuring there’s ample seating for a lot of people even if the room is small. In fact, the smaller your living room the better as limited space draws the room in and adds to the cosy feel.

Rather than drawing the room in to make it cosy you want to try and expand it out to make it as big and airy as possible. Going open plan might not exactly be a choice if this is already the lay out of your house, but any living room with a lot of natural light and open space can be great as part of an open plan living space, especially if you like to entertain lots of guests. Going for light colours is the best option for open plan spaces, it also means you can bring in big-ticket items of furniture, plants or tables that wouldn’t really fit in a smaller dedicated living room.

Living Room Design

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