Living Room DesignDecide whether the chairs, loveseats or couches that you already have will complement the new living room style you have in mind. So I often daydream about what my craft room would be like and I just love looking at photos of the best examples. For the centerpiece of a home such as the living room or the kitchen, you cannot go wrong with a Tuscan theme. It may have a white couch and beautiful textured pillows but the entire room says stay a while and make yourself comfortable. Applying this same principal to other elements of a room will work wonderfully also.

The juxtaposition of the white porcelain and the strong rustic warm tones is a strong design statement for any room but especially a smaller room. The above design element is a great example of creative use of an antique sewing machine that has been re-purposed for the bathroom. It could be a den, a reading room but my first thought is a fitness room/ library I know it sounds contrary. Great wood tones, rustic wood ceiling beams and room for a family feast are the hallmarks of a luxurious rustic kitchen. In the end, a great rustic room is a celebration of the many different earth tones found in nature.

As the above various rustic scenarios detail, the many details in the room may vary but the rustic luxury kitchen remains an inviting retreat, similar to the comfortable chambray shirt or soft comfortable nubuck leather. A modern kitchen can have the color tones that are rustic in appeal without any country or primitive motifs in the room. Early Victorian homes featured lighter colored walls with richer colors in the dining room and library.

From large to small, the rustic room (whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen or the living or my dream a rustic fitness room) has something to offer everyone. I dream of a rustic room and my husband and I have a couple of items stored in the basement which spurred my desire for the research and the passion for this fascinating design idea. Yes, I too used to think of rustic of just lower end but I think the upper end offers some design clews to take our lower end rustic up a notch. Learn how to incorporate these four principles of Victorian décor with ease and confidence to create the room or entire home of your dreams.

Victorian stye is a broad term that generally is used to refer to characteristics of design (architectural, fashion, home décor, etc.) from the latter period of Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 until her death in 1901. Later Victorians turned to deeper tones, which were used to emphasize the importance of a room. Note the numerous framed pictures on the wall and the decorative objects on every available surface. After checking some of your lens, I must confess you are an expert of interior design and home decoration.Living Room Design

Living Room Design

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