Living Room DesignHas a beautiful living room and comfortable is the pride and gratification of its own. Regarding furniture, like anything, you need to consider the usage and style of the room. Spotlighting, floor lamps and side table lamps are all key to creating the correct atmosphere for a room. Van der Mijl’s project was on display at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate exhibition as part of Dutch Design Week 2015 , which ran from 17 to 25 October.

Asylum seekers use their own skills and abilities to contribute self-made objects to the space, such as pieces of furniture or textiles, gradually turning it into something resembling a more welcoming living room. Pairs of French doors flank a small antique marble fireplace for a full flow of natural light, symmetrical balance, and pleasing proportions.

De Voorkamer was developed by van der Mijl during his studies at Design Academy Eindhoven A two-month-long pilot was established in Haren municipality near Groningen in the Netherlands, with eight refugees invited to take part. In fact, the human scale of the space contributes to its elegance, for design is as much about how a space lives as it is about how it looks.Living Room Design

During the event, the school’s creative director Thomas Widdershoven told Dezeen that Design Academy Eindhoven students were focusing on responding to real-world problems such as Europe’s refugee crisis rather than making beautiful objects for collectors. The border design on this living room’s rug recalls the angles of the mirror’s Greek-key pattern.

A surfeit of square footage thankfully is not essential to an elegant design, as this cozy living room in the Atlanta home of designer Lori Tippins proves. The trumeau above the fireplace is a major player in getting the right proportions, drawing the eye all the way up to the same height as the curtain rods. Inspiration for the bright white living room in this Seattle home was the Hamptons house of Diane Keaton in the movie Something’s Gotta Give.

Living Room Design

Living Room Design Ideas And Pictures
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