Living Room DesignHome decorating and design magazines are a great source of ideas and advice, but if you want a free source of info, you’ve come to the right place! Now, decide the living room furniture layout and that of the other home decor items too. Now, see the remaining space and decide what all you can add to your living room for decoration purpose. Be Selective: Don’t fill your room just for the sake of making it look extra trendy. This will help you to highlight the home decor and give a spacious look to the room. Placing unnecessary things to fill the empty spaces will just make your room look congested and may ruin the entire effort. It is a thing or an area in your room which you want to highlight or focus the attention towards.

Living room furniture designs with eye-catching patterns and bright colors, you can combine as you wish. Furniture designs in different price ranges offer solutions for every challenge of space. With high quality materials, precision, versatile features and a timeless design, the Living room furniture designs are more than a current solution, but a future-oriented investment. I knew this room would be all white with wood beams overhead, so I was really searching for a colorful rug. I knew, long before I found the rug, that the fireplace would be the main focal point of the room. But here, it contrasts better against the lighter wood and the room is brighter, which helps.

They’re very large chairs, so I don’t know exactly where they’ll go or how the room will be laid out yet. I’m waiting to choose any final details like art, lamps, or other furniture pieces (end tables, coffee table, etc.) until they’re in and the fireplace is done. And the oversized chandy that’ll hang down in front of the fireplace is going to be colored.

It’s huge (like 4 feet in diameter) and feminine and spindly like the one in the inspiration photo above from Little Green Notebook. I’m going to go with some very simple brass sconces on the fireplace since the chandelier will make┬ásuch a huge statement. We’re doing some major work on this room this weekend and I’ll share a few sneak peeks through social media, so stay tuned, friends!Living Room Design

Whether yours is a compact living space or a room of more generous proportions, it pays to view the room in terms of zones; though do think carefully about what you use the room for before sectioning the space, either visually or physically. This might be as simple a task as using a screen or room divider that doubles as storage to conceal your work space or play area, arranging your seating in a cosy cluster around the fireplace for entertaining, or even creating an intimate reading corner using shelving and a well-worn armchair.

Living Room Design

Living Room Design 2015 Best Decorating
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