Factors to Consider When Opting For a Tankless Water Heater For many years tankless water heaters have been used in Europe and other parts of the world but in places like North America have just learned about the benefits of tankless water heaters for the past couple of decades. One of the advantages is that a whole house tankless water heater can cut the water-heating bill by more than a third if the family uses about 41 gallons or less of hot water each day and in the person uses more hot water the person can save 8-14% and an endless supply of hot water. A whole house tankless water heater heats water as it moves through the system instead of heating water in a huge tank and instead of storing water like other conventional tanks a tankless water heater circulates incoming cold water via a series of electric coils or gas burners that heat it up when the tap is turned on, or a hot water appliance is turned on. With a tankless water heater, the person does not need to empty the water heater with a tall bath because there is not tank to drain to and the supply of hot water can be endless thus the issue is not capacity but flow. It is good to note that a tankless water heater only runs out of water when the flow is greater than the water heater’s ability to heat.
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There are many kinds of water heater types such as electric tankless heaters or gas tankless water heaters and gas is much faster and more efficient at heating water than electricity because of the heat output and the response time required and many whole-house tankless heaters have burners that are gas-fired. It is good to state that gas-fired tankless water heaters need venting and their flues have to be larger than those required for gas storage water heaters, and some tankless water heaters have power vents that enable the person to exhaust gasses out a side wall which is suitable for situations in which running a vent out the roof is not possible. There are other companies make outdoor tankless water heaters that can be installed on the outside of the home thus eliminating the need to create a venting mechanism, but it may not be a good choice in freezing weathers.
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Other gas models have pilot lights that burn fuel to keep the flame and electronic ignition models van aid with efficiency and the person needs to look for types that start with an intermittent ignition device, and there are even some models that use hydro ignition which is a tiny water-powered turbine that ignites a spark on the burner.

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