Glass DoorRather than trying to do the square-peg/round hole scenario trying to make another door guide of the wrong size refit the mold of the other construction configuration by drilling a new set of holes into a door guide (easily cracking the new guide) – we suggest trying to glue together your broken door guide. Thank you…thank you…thank you…my husband and I installed an arch window in our kitchen last year and unfortunately we hadn’t gotten to removing the back porch that is below it yet as we removed a kitchen door from there but lo and behold my dog has scratched the window! Replace the rollers: The roller assemblies are quite visible in the bottom part of the door.Glass Door

Adding old knobs, collected from antique shops, to an old door is a little detail that makes a huge impact. If you don’t really have the space for doors that swing out or swing in, you can still have a quality Frenchwood patio door in a sliding model. There’s a lot of concern about the safety of French patio doors, but if you choose French doors with a multi-point locking system, you are buying a safe exterior French door. A multi-point locking system means just that — the door is not relying on one single lock. Usually this involves a deadbolt and two other locks strategically placed near the top and at the bottom of the door controlled by the main deadbolt.

This makes it harder for someone to jimmy the door or kick it in. Tempered glass would be another safety feature to consider, because tempered safety glass is four times stronger than regular glass. With all that glass, the potential for energy loss through patio doors is quite high, but not if you choose the glass wisely. You’ll want to keep the heat out in the summer and the warm air in during the winter, so look for the best energy-efficient glass on the market.

High-performance glass has a U-factor of 0.30 or lower, that’s because the lower the U-factor, the greater resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating properties. Quality manufacturers have some extraordinary glass performance options these days that not only meet but exceed the government’s accepted standards. But when these rollers become dirty or wear out, it becomes really difficult to open the door.

You can get truly high-performance glass to suit your climate — glass that achieves the highest efficiency ratings in cooler climates and is exceptional for warmer climates where solar heat gain can lead to excessive air conditioning costs. High-performance glass helps to block out UV rays as well, which are harmful to drapes, fabrics and other furnishings. With the best glass options on the market today you can block out up to 95% of those harmful rays, yet still enjoy beautiful natural daylight streaming through your patio doors. Mr. Rogers backs your patio door choice with his Worry-Free, Lifetime Performance Guarantee. If yes, then raise the screw until and unless the door looks even on the track.

Glass Door

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