Kitchen Gadgets That Make Your Life Easy

There are kitchen gadgets that remain cutting edge many years after their invention – as in the case of the rice cooker that continues basically the same. Still, there are other gadgets that saw enhancement and acquired so many bells and whistles through the years that they can basically do anything. Enumerated below are some of the most useful classic, spanking new, and improved devices for cooking. After using them, you will wonder how you did not have them in the first place!

You can make peeling and stripping fruits easy with these tools in the market. The palm peeler is a ring-like device that you slip on your finger for fast and sharp peeling. The corn stripper, as its name implies, sheds the grains off the cob and collects them in a vessel as it cuts. With the four-in-one avocado tool, you can use this all-in-one gadget for preparing an avocado instead of alternating between knife, spoon and fork.

Dicing can be done speedily and painlessly with the mini food processor which is the scaled-down model of the classic kitchen apparatus. You don’t have to cry over onions anymore with this powerful yet compact, dishwasher safe implement. Another classic kitchen tool is the mixer which can be enhanced with some attachments like the juicer that comes with a straining feature for your breakfast orange juice, and the sausage stuffer kit with different thickness options for easy and manageable sausage-making.
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For frying, the all-purpose griddle pan can be the best cookware you can ever buy. The 5-ply stainless steel round griddle will become a fast favorite whether for toasting a slice of loaf, making a superb quesadilla, or frying the crunchiest slab of bacon. Also worthy of the hand washing it requires is the stainless non-stick fry pan for making the perfect eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches.
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There is also a non-stick rice cooker that gives sure-fire rice. Just apportion the appropriate amount of rice and water and let the machine do the rest. After it is done cooking, it will even ensure that your rice stays warm.

For clean drinking water, a water filtration pitcher eliminates the chlorine, lead, mercury, fluoride, arsenic, pesticide, insecticide and other harmful chemicals normally found in tap water. The water filtration jug has carbon filters to absorb the unpleasant taste and smell and give you clean and delicious water.

You can keep the area around your sink clean and germ-free with a touch free soap dispenser. It lets you dispense liquid soap or anti-bacterial gel with a wave of your hand using infrared control. Because of its enduring stainless steel construction, it will usually go well with your kitchen look.

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