Vinyl FlooringModern vinyl floor tile is frequently chosen for high-traffic areas because of its low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance. And of course, built into this is a range of colors to go along with high-resolution patterning in vinyl flooring; warm colors to add cheer and hominess, and cool ones to add sophistication, reproducing all of the subtle graces of natural materials. Like other options in modern flooring, vinyl flooring can complete your space with the addition of accessories to match.

If you’re looking for traditional flooring boards, vinyl flooring that’s installed in a tongue-and-groove plank style, complete with glueless locking systems is the way to go. If you prefer tile installations, vinyl tile flooring that you can glue down, or can click-lock together is the perfect fit. I start to lay the tiles from the right side of the bathroom across to the left.

Vinyl flooring is offered in a variety of thickness for glue-down installations directly to subfloors, and for floating floors that feel just like an engineered or laminate installation. Thicker vinyl boards supported by sturdy core layers make this option advisable for those who are looking for a stable flooring surface. Each of our vinyl flooring lines is rated by our own Basic-Intermediate-Advanced protection rating.

Thinner options for vinyl floors make for fast, easy flooring installations to be directly applied to surfaces in all kinds of spaces. Vinyl flooring in various thicknesses offers you options that are suitable for all kinds of situations, skill-levels, looks, and functions. This helps you to make the most intelligent choice for your space when it comes to buying vinyl floors. With Advanced protection, your vinyl floor has a strong wear-layer for more protection against denting, scuffs, scratches and staining from everyday household activities. Vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles are trendy, easy to maintain and perfect for nearly every room in your home.

Baseboards especially designed for vinyl flooring, maintenance kits, and moisture barriers all help to ensure that your investment in a long term vinyl flooring product is secure – and looks great. Interior designers have worked to provide ranges with some of the best colours and flooring designs in the world. Stone, slate, wood, and tile; vinyl tiles come in all of these clean and modern looks. Thankfully today’s sophisticated vinyl floors can give you all the warmth, comfort and quiet you require.Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Sheets
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