Glass DoorA suspected shoplifter got her comeuppance when she ran straight into a set of revolving doors whilst trying to make a stealthy exit. To open the passive door you must first open the flush bolts at the top and bottom of the door. An exterior door is usually double bored for a handle and lockset, but they can also be a multi-lock unit. This is to help people make there doors more secure and to prevent people breaking in. Below are some of the main ways people get through a door. Force the Lock : We all like to think that our door is nice and secure with that multi point locking system.

But the trouble is if the door is not fitted right or if the door sash is not made right. The locks with hooks or shoot bolts built in can not be popped open and if you are thinking of getting a new door make sure you have ether the hook or shoot bolts in your lock. When the door is being made and welded, it often happens that the welder melts a bit to much of the door sash. So now when the lock is fitted it does not have the recommended cover to prevent the door being popped open. With some hinges they have a security cap covering the screws and the only way to get this off is when the door is opened. On the other side of the fireplace there is another cabinet also from the 1960s.

But a lot of door hinges only have a cap that clips on. So a person only has to unclip the cap and unscrew the screws and in they go. This will only take about 90 seconds to do with a battery screwdriver. Some window fabricators fit a security claw to the door so if some one does unscrew the hinges the door still wont open on the hinge side. The reason a person would choose this method is if there’s an alarm sensor on the door. Glass : To most people you would think why don’t you just break the glass in the door.

But the glass in a door is mostly toughened safety glass and is very hard to break and will also make a lot of noise if broken. The blue kitchen furniture, the cupboard and the gas cooker in the door are by Barton and carry the diamond ink stamp dating them from between August 1946 and 1948/9. On the dining table there is a Dol-toi port & glass set that is quite rare to have survived this long !

Well if you are getting a new door just make sure you have a good locking system with hooks or shoot bolts built in. If your door opens outwards than make sure a security claw is fitted to the hinge side and if your door comes with a panel make sure it is a reinforced panel. Tip : Shoot bolts can be fitted to 4 cam roller locks plus a security claw can also be fitted to a door. To change a door panel is more costly but if you are looking to change your door style than just make sure your new panel is reinforced. But as I can see, you were just guiding us what to do if your door is actually easy to break through.Glass Door

Glass Door

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