Bamboo FlooringPainting your bathroom a new color can make a huge difference in how the room feels. The final good reason bamboo flooring newcastle nsw are an excellent selection for your home, business or workplace is that the material is extensively accessible. Recently the increase in popularity of bamboo has led to an increase in its availability at many local hardware retail stores. Bamboo has moved from a once exotic and hard to find building material to anything that is a little more generally discovered.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, making it a sustainable flooring option and also a durable flooring material. Bamboo matures in 3 to 5 years, versus the 40 to 60 years that oak or cherry need to mature to flooring quality. Bamboo flooring comes in two grain patterns—flat sawn or vertical grain—and typically with either a blond or caramelized finish. The problem is that this is all bull dust, as out Australian cousins would say, and a repetition of what the bamboo industry is trying to make us all believe. Bamboo grows round and is hollow and we must not forget that and the fact that it is, really, but a giant grass.

A great amount of energy is required to turn bamboo into planks” and most of bamboo flooring is, in actual fact, a laminate product which is not better than wood laminate and thus definitely not green and environmentally friendly. Bamboo flooring, as I have indicated, requires lots of energy to produce and, while it is true that bamboo grows very fast and renews itself much, much quicker as does wood, wood is the better and more environmentally-friendly option. My beech wood cutting boards take more abuse than the bamboo ones I had to test do and did.

While our bamboo floor isn’t from FSC-certified bamboo, it’s made using non-VOC glues, and has thus far been very resistant to dents and scratches. Thanks for stopping by my blog ()and thanks for the informative post on Bamboo. Thanks for the comment on my blog (). I did some more reading and I hope that the info I found about the flooring we like is true. If not, surely it is better to use bamboo than mahogany, which was our second choice aesthetically.

In this article, however, I’m going to confine myself to looking at bamboo in the milieu of Asian culture. A famous Vietnamese saying goes, When the bamboo is old, the bamboo sprouts appear.” It is clear that bamboo refers here to Vietnam which can never be destroyed because as one generation weakens and ages a new generation appears to take its place. For this reason traditional Vietnamese villages are surrounded by thick bamboo as a constant reminder of the permanence of the Vietnamese nation. Besides keeping you free of dirt, the bamboo flooring is also very easy to clean.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

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