We hear about double glazing all the time, and it’s pretty widespread everywhere. It definitely beats single glazing when it comes to insulation from noise and outside temperature. But what if double glazing isn’t enough? Maybe you need something more heavy duty if you live somewhere particularly cold or noisy.

Have you heard about this newfangled triple window glazing? It’s pretty straightforward: three panes of glass separate the outside from the inside, and there are two layers of inert gas that insulate your home instead of just one. They are a lot more expensive than regular double glazing, but is it worth it? These are the things you should think about to figure out if triple glazing is right for you.

  • Yes, if you have terrible windows

If your windows are damaged, foggy or leaking, they will need replacing anyway. Getting replacement windows can be quite expensive, and you probably don’t want to fork out more than you need for new windows. If being economical is your prime concern in the near future, get double glazed windows. However, triple glazing could be better over time.

This is because they insulate far better than double glazed windows. If your double glazing is not up to scratch and was installed by rogue tradesmen, you may want to upgrade. This is especially true if you need a higher level of insulation, for example in very cold or very noisy areas.

  • Yes, if you live in a very cold place

We can become dissatisfied with our windows when we’ve lived a few years in a home, and this can be due to any number of factors. Sometimes the winters are harsher than we expected, and our windows aren’t quite up to scratch. The technology we use to make windows has improved a lot, and if you’re used to newer windows and find yourself with some older ones in your new place, you may find they do not insulate as well.

If you can feel the cold coming in and you see no fault with your double glazing, you will find more comfort with triple glazing. Those of us living in places that sometimes reach extremely low temperatures know that cold draughts can seemingly appear out of nowhere and are very difficult to get rid of. Triple windows are pretty amazing at getting rid of these pesky cold spots.

  • No, if you have good double glazing already

If your windows are already pretty good and work the way you want them to, you might not need new windows, and definitely not triple glazing. At the end of the day they are just a different kind of window and they won’t change the world. If they’d make a difference to you, so be it, but don’t be fooled by salesmen who tell you how they’ll change your life in a million different ways.

They are also considerably more expensive than double glazing. If you’ve terrible windows, new double glazing may do the trick (though consider this alternative as much as you can), so don’t go for more expensive just because.

Is Getting Triple Glazing Worth It?