Bamboo FlooringBamboo flooring starts around $1.50-$3.50 a square foot for engineered panels or unfinished solid planks, or about $375-$875 for materials for a 250-square-foot kitchen. By washing the skin under the eyes with bamboo charcoal soap the dirt is removed and the skins elasticity is restored and you look younger. If you enjoy sport and have to shower a lot then bamboo charcoal soap is ideal for you because you don’t lose all your essential body oils every time you take a shower. I have never heard of bamboo charcoal soap but I would like to try it someday; it sounds wonderful thanks for sharing!

If you’re considering purchasing a bathroom fan, here’s a review of a great little fan, the Hunter 90052 Saturn! However, recycled ceramic tiles are widely available nowadays, and their outstanding durability certainly qualifies them as a green product. Flax and hemp are highly recommended materials for bathroom use, as they are naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial.

Cotton and hemp mattresses are also very eco-friendly although their durability is not as impressive as their pure wool counterparts. For a small kitchen , you can tuck your recycling center into a corner of a pantry or build one inside a cabinet. If your kitchen has plenty of floor space, a large freestanding version might be a perfect choice. These things usually attract rodents and maggots, and will also make your whole kitchen smell worse than an overloaded sewer. The smaller size the fridge is, the more eco-friendly your kitchen will be. Plus, it can make your kitchen appear a lot more spacious.Bamboo Flooring

We’re probably going to replace our carpet with bamboo flooring when we get the funds – I love the look of bamboo, and it is pretty eco-friendly. If you have the funds for a complete kitchen redo and plan to stay in your home, you will no doubt appreciate the updated conveniences and energy savings. From induction cooktops to whisper quiet dishwashers to integrated refrigeration units, the latest Energy Star appliances will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. The latest remodeling trend involves using warm colors of tile, fixtures, fabrics, paint and flooring.

If you are tired of the 1980s color scheme, dated cabinetry and worn flooring, you might want to consider a new color on the walls, cabinet painting or refacing and vinyl flooring that mimics wood or stone. Replace light-colored cabinetry with dark woods and dated flooring with large-scale, tumbled natural tile. Patios now feature elaborate architectural details and hardscapes that recreate living, dining and kitchen areas.

Bamboo Flooring

Is Bamboo Flooring Green?
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