Living Room DesignEveryone has some sort of idea in their head that constitutes the perfect living room for them. Part of keeping with nature this year is an outstanding sleeve design in fencing. Available in three distinct styles: Black Bamboo, Natural Bamboo, and a mixture of Black, Natural bamboos and brush. I am boring like that, but I find the wall décor, furniture and plants add the color to the room. Such hard work and effort put into this great lens feauturing the trends and colors and styles that are in for 2013. There are a lot of idea generators here which is good especially since it will help me with my schoolwork; in the design field.

I am currently house hunting, and your lens has been book marked based on the unique interior designs I will leverage when it comes time to move in. Cheers! I love the subtle shades of white, grey, green or the surprising yellow in a rather monochrome room. Pick out a few throw pillows yourself to give your living room a designer look and feel. Choosing an area rug that is too small is one of the most common interior design mistakes.

For throw pillow inspiration, check out Houzz This article also has some great tips for decorating with throw pillows to achieve your desired style. A proper sized area rug will leave some floor exposed but fit all the legs of your furniture on it. If you cannot fit all the legs of your furniture onto your rug, at least make sure it fits the front legs of your furniture on it. If your rug is too small, it’ll make your living room feel small and the sitting area disconnected. The only silver lining is that you have less space to design so you spend less money. You can create a simple design using your old cases and some mounting tape (less than $3).

If you want something a little different, sponge paint your designs across the top of all of your room’s wall. Using two paints will make your living room pop and add some additional needed appeal to any living room. I suggest the brighter color to be used on the wall which will be the focal point of the room. Come back the next day, or the next year, peel up your design carefully and apply it to your glass surface. For a period of time, designs are easy to reposition on the glass so you can get it just like you want. You can also store your completed designs on this paper sandwiched between two sheets, only shiny sides touching the glass.Living Room Design

I traced the design sheets onto freezer paper, then completed many small modular pieces that I could rearrange to my heart’s content. Every potted plant, every other design you see on this window was done in this manner. Those were created by drawing them on the freezer paper, outlining the design with leading, then filling in with colored glass when I stuck them in place, and the window was done. It combines the use of freehand art (the hostas and other plants) and modular designs (the birdhouses and birds).

Living Room Design

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