Wood PlanksNOTE: This blog and photos may not be shared or reproduced without the express written consent of A Building We Shall Go! The idea is to put the stain on as thinly as possible so that your first coat absorbs into the surface of the wood without forming a film, if you put the stain on in the sun it cures to quickly and does not get a chance to absorb into the surface. It is also extremely important to prep the wood before staining with an oxalic acid wood conditioner, this will remove mill glaze and open the pores of the wood to accept a stain. Do a tape test and absorption test on your wood before staining, this will ensure the wood is porous and free of loose wood fiber. I’ve seen this product work wonders on new and old wood and there expertise is in Cedar.

Since your out in Missouri, check out a company called Wood Re New, The process they use involves a foam cleaner and a water-based stain that truly does work. What we didn’t know from the start is that most coatings, deck stains, oils from a film or encapsulate the wood so eventually peel and flake. Latex Paint or Solid Stain, which are almost the same, should not be applied over any wood that is over 8% moisture content.

Pressure treated wood is as bad or worse, as the chemicals fill the internal structure of the wood. We hung a right and followed close to the wall until we came upon a small enclosed cubicle with thin pressed board walls and permanently fogged plexiglass windows that covered the top half on three sides. We have blogged Just The Plane Facts where we told you how all the pallet wood was prepared, to be used as flooring. We have blogged Pioneering where we explained some of the difficulties we have had and solutions we found, while installing the pallet wood flooring.

We didn’t want a pattern on the floor but we also didn’t want the same type of pallet wood together in the same spots. The stopping point allowed the other contractors less worry of¬†damaging the wood with the amount of traffic needed to go across the floor in order to complete their projects. Our research showed the sub floor was necessary as a moisture barrier between the concrete and the pallet wood.

It was also a time when Flower Boy was gone for training, so Drewman and I had plenty of time to prepare the remainder of the wood. The mineral spirits cleans the pallet wood and soaks into the grain of the wood, to open it up so the sealer will penetrate and adhere. Our recommendation would be to pull up the laminate and attach the pallet wood to your subfloor. We felt it best to plane both sides so the planks would set evenly on the subfloor and not pop up do to the warp of the plank not being flat. Planning the planks also took off any type of material or chemical that may have soaked into the wood.

Wood PlanksWood Planks

Insulating Above Old Wood Plank Ceiling
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