Vinyl FlooringWe have over 200 different Vinyl Flooring designs which you can browse through right here, in the comfort of your own home. Vinyl may also be perfect for your company because they are very easy to keep clean and maintain too. For the most inexpensive commercial flooring choice, commercial vinyl works best due to the fact that maintenance and cleaning are reasonably easy. Every commercial flooring choice comes with a few downsides; even so, they’re that due to the greater traction force, the more inexpensive alternatives do not have the life span as some of the more stylish and costly choices. It must also complement the décor in the space or office where you’ll be installing the flooring in.

Altro VM20 is ideal for high circulation areas like corridors, classrooms, canteens and even stairs and has been a successful part of our safety flooring range for 23 years. Gerflor’s commercial vinyl flooring Taralay was selected for the laboratory of the National Plant Phenomics Facility, Phytotron Building, a plant research facility within the CSIRO Black Mountain campus in Canberra. Project Architect, David Fletcher said Gerflor Taralay was the most appropriate flooring material to be used for the ground floor laboratory that is the showpiece of the fitout. Very few vinyl products on the market meet the tested abrasion resistance level that the Gerflor product can offer.

With Care+ carpet, fluids sit on the same level as the Antron® soil and stain resistant fibre, and cannot penetrate the impervious vinyl backing. Accredited as Australia’s first Eco-Specifier Green Tag® GreenRate certified carpet tile collection, Signature Floorconcepts Friendly Tiles carpet tile collection sets the benchmark for environmentally friendly commercial flooring with its Level A Rating – whilst offering a wide variety of colours and patterns!

With 8 different patterns, and over 50 colours in two available backing systems, Signature Floorconcepts now offer two excellent flooring products that offer full points to Greenstar focused projects. Another thing to add to my knowledge base on what to do one of these days for flooring. We went from wood to large tile and here in the land of pumice and volcanic rock, we love it. One of these days though would like to get back to a different flooring, although tile has to be the all-time easiest to clean and is a great cool-down for dogs!Vinyl Flooring

Cork flooring is usually made of leftovers from that industry, so it’s very green! I love the fact that no trees are killed in order to make this type of flooring. Also, With floating floors in the past we have installed the floor after the kitchen installation to allow the floor to move,. With this Product is that type of installation recommended or could this be installed previous to cabinet installation. Installing vinyl floor tiles , vinyl plank flooring , vct flooring , sheet vinyl flooring and cove base is an excellent way to enhance your home’s beauty while adding value.

Vinyl Flooring

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