Vinyl FlooringReplacing the rotted wood under the kitchen sink can be a Do-It-Yourself project if you have the right tools and a few hours to spare. These were the only tools I needed to install the vinyl flooring: my cutting mat, a cutting blade, and a pair of scissors (I actually used the scissors more than I thought I would; they became very useful for working around the angled and round shaped objects that are part of the flooring). Another item I used that is not pictured is my L-Square, which I placed on the vinyl where I wanted to cut it with the blade.

I also took the time to separate the tile planks when I took them out of the box, as each plank has its own pattern and color variations, and you want to make sure you do not place two of the same planks next to each other (there are duplicate planks within each box). How to install vinyl sheet flooring with double-sided tape, Subscribe now: watch more: when installing vinyl sheet flooring with.

It was the color of this unit that greatly influenced the color I chose for the vinyl (I was originally considering a grayish color like you see in many beach homes). Cutting around these disks was the hardest part of putting down the vinyl floor, and I suppose I could have removed them first, but chose not to. I actually cut the shapes using my scissors. This whole project cost me less than $50, and I still have leftovers which I am going to use in my utility room. Since I was so pleased with the look and ease of putting the vinyl wood floor in the Casita (and how it feels under foot), I decided it would be perfect for the utility room, too.

It is the only room in my house with vinyl (from the 1980’s), and I have struggled what to do about it. I have wood and tile throughout my house, and quite frankly didn’t want another hard surface to have to walk on, but I needed something durable for this wet area. If there are some types of installations, or important tips that could be learned from those whose vinyl had problems sticking, it would be great for my readers, and me, to know.

Natural linoleum kitchen floors – flooring ‘ wood, tile, Information about using linoleum in a kitchen flooring application including water protection and cleaning instructions. Thank you I have been using some ottawa ceramic tile for my kitchen but I want something like this flooring for the dining room but the cutting has been difficult. I saw the wood flooring, and though maybe I could just paint it in the meantime.

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