Interior LightningHere at Freshome we wanted to know more about how good lighting can transform our homes and we thought you might be interested too. Completely new perspectives in cabin design are being shaped by a clear trend when it comes to cabin lighting: Fluorescent tubes are increasingly being replaced by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). As the market and technology leader, Diehl Aerospace is the first company in the world to introduce an all-LED lighting system, which will be used on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.Interior Lightning

Diehl Aerospace also designs system solutions for the interior lighting of military aircraft, such as the lighting system produced for the NH90 transport helicopter, which also has night vision equipment compatibility. For all regularly occupied spaces, use light fixtures with a luminance of less than 2,500cd/m2 between 45 and 90 degrees from nadir. Exceptions include lamps or fixtures specifically designed to provide colored lighting for effect, site lighting, or other special use.

Exceptions include wallwash fixtures properly aimed at walls, as specified by manufacturer’s data, indirect uplighting fixtures, provided there is no view down into these uplights from a regularly occupied space above, and any other specific applications (i.e. adjustable fixtures). Use direct-only overhead lighting for 25% or less of the total connected lighting load for all regularly occupied spaces.

For 75% of the total connected lighting load, use light sources that have a rated life (or L70 for LED sources) of at least 24,000 hours (at 3-hour per start, if applicable). For strategy A, a list of all light fixtures used in the regularly occupied spaces. Also indicate whether there are any fixtures excluded and whether they are an approved exception. For strategy B, a list of all light sources included in the interior spaces of the project. For each light source, provide a description, light source type, manufacturer or vendor name, total connected lighting load, and rated life value.

For each fixture, provide a description, manufacturer name, total connected lighting load, and indicate whether the fixture is direct-only overhead lighting. Calculation for the percent of connected lighting load that is associated with direct-only overhead lighting. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to interior lighting and are proud to offer our products to you.

Interior Lightning

Importance Of Lighting In Interior Design
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