Vinyl FlooringWhen it comes to garage flooring, nothing is probably more intriguing than interlocking tiles. Have always seemed to live in homes that were on a slab, and since it’s always been just me, I never seemed to have enough funds to swing the wood floors (something else was always coming up) but this should be the year that it finally happens. Right now we’re redoing the upstairs with engineered flooring in a darker shade. After much Googling and Yahooing I came to the sad conclusion that the toilet had to be pulled and the flooring replaced.Vinyl Flooring

While perusing my local big box store I found a few boxes of peel and stick flooring tile that were on clearance. The next isle over was the wallpaper section where I found a nice neutral paper that matched my tiles. Dull blades rip the wet paper, which reminds me; have extra rolls of paper in the same dye lot. Once I had the walls done and there was no chance of getting glue or paint on the new flooring, I started laying the tiles. Once that was done I sealed the seams with a seam sealer for that type of flooring.

There are all-purpose adhesives and vinyl seam sealer kits at home centers and some flooring centers. Vinyl tiles are commonly used as a do-it-yourself flooring material due to the user friendly properties of the tiles themselves. S-599 premium vinyl-backed flooring adhesive (250-300 sqft/gal) 1 and 4 Va kit su80 seam sealer; Va kit su92 seam sealer; Va 3044 prem floor quart, gallon 4 gallon. For sealing seams on residential sheet flooring with low gloss vinyl or urethane finish. Moreover,Saltillotiles are much warmer on bare feet in winter than ceramic tiles.

Seam Grip Seam Sealer This flexible urethane formula is a waterproof and HH-66 Vinyl Cement This is one of the best vinyl cements made. Hand Made: Because the tiles are left to dry outside, they sometimes will have the footprint of a dog or child which makes for a wonderful conversation piece in your living room. Feel Good on Feet: Since these tiles are made of clay, they are environmentally friendly and feel soft on your feet. Wear Naturally: Because these tiles tend to be softer than ceramic tile, they do need to be sealed before they are installed.

Uneven: Each Saltillo tile is hand made and so the surface is not completely flat the way ceramic tiles, marble and other machine manufactured tiles are. This doesn’t look bad in Saltillo flooring because the whole surface is not evenly colored, but if you like your floor to look perfect, you won’t like Saltillo. The seal on the Saltillo tile can wear off and the tiles can show patches of wear. This is the charm of an old Saltillo floor, and if you don’t like it, you can sand it down and re-seal the whole thing so that it looks new.

Vinyl Flooring

How To Tile Over Vinyl Flooring
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