Wood FloorSince Ayden joined our family we have been on a quest to make our home as healthy as possible for him. However, engineered hardwood flooring can last up to 75 years and a solid hardwood flooring may last even 100 years. You can also remove pet dander, dust mites, dust and the other allergens very easily from hardwood floors. Compared to carpets, hardwood flooring is more Eco-friendly because it is made from natural, renewable products. A good engineered or solid wood floor can add elegance and beauty to your home and it lasts for years. Good flooring is essential for leading a comfort life and improving the living standards.

Wood being an absorbable material, often the fluid seeps through the flooring and cause damage. A thick coat of high quality Urethane over the wooden flooring makes the floor more resistant to scratches and stains. Laminating the floor is also an option but the slippery surface makes it difficult for pets to walk on the floor so placing rugs or floor mating becomes an extra necessity. This kind of wooden flooring gives a great rustic character to the house along with solving the issue of scratches and stains.

The self anti microbial property of the wood helps in preventing the growth of any kind of harmful microbes. The need to regularly clean the floor is also not there so making it one of the most easily maintainable choices of wooden flooring. This wood is comparatively more easily available in Singapore hardware markets along with also being one of the most logical choices aside from being a real sturdy and tough. They have all the ingredients at Lowe’s to stain and beautify your concrete floor. Gonna take some time but the floors aren’t getting torn up and it’s coming up pretty easy.

This worked best for me. It’s time consuming, but a scrape of heated glue is cleaner that a scrape of hot and wet glue, in my experience. Used same method to remove old Linoleum/vinyl flooring after removing top layer (showing paper etc.), but used an old junk towel to pour water on to control water spread. They are the old rubber tiles that you have to wax and polish and I do want to save them.

I was researching how to remove Mastic glue (Black nasty stuff under tiles – found under old 70’s foam rubber backed carpet, then the original wood unstained where original carpet tiles had been, all because of decidint to put in ceramic tiles in foyer, but discovered wood. I removed the glue from the concrete with hot water….most of it…and I covered it up with those plastic tiles that they sell at the dollar store.

Wood FloorWood Floor

How To Remove Wax And Oil Soap Cleaners From Wood Floors
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