How to Make Smart Purchase of Memory Foam Mattress in Delhi?

How much attention did you pay when you need to buy a smartphone? We must…

How much attention did you pay when you need to buy a smartphone?

We must say a lot as you compare the prices, check the features, look for the camera quality, and many more such things comes under your radar before the final purchase.

Now, let us ask you how much attention did you paid when you need to buy memory foam mattress for your home in Delhi?

Well, the answer would none as mattress shopping is the most underrated shopping till the date. People don’t understand the real worth of the right mattress and are novices of its true contribution towards your well being.

A mattress, when chosen rightly, can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, bring relief in back, neck & joint pain, can curb sleeping disorder and even improve your immunity. Yes, all of this can happen just because of the right mattress. So, don’t even make the mistake of purchasing any random mattress next time and end-up facing troubled sleeping and follow-up health issues.

If you are looking for some tips on how to buy the best mattress in Delhi then we are here to help you. Here are some experts’ tips that you must follow when you need to buy a mattress in Delhi.

Before we move any further, let us let you that which mattress is best considering the weather conditions of Delhi.

As Delhi is a place where one can face extremes of both the season’s summers and winters, you must pick a mattress that can regulate the body temperature in both the seasons easily keep you cozy in the bed. Memory foam mattress fits well in this requirement as it comes with great temperature-regulating ability. Due to its open-cell structure infused with gel, it ensures proper airflow while you are in bed endowing you a cooler sleeping.

When you need extra warmth during the freezing winters of Delhi, you can reverse it and enjoy a cozy sleep. Memory foam mattress comes with the ability to change as per your body temperature giving you comfortable sleep throughout the year.

As now you are convinced that memory foam mattress is the best mattress in Delhi, it’s time to learn about some tips related to its purchase. Here are some of the memory foam mattresses buying tips that you should follow while you need to buy memory foam mattress in Delhi.

Consider buying online 

Like other things, mattresses are also available online. Being the capital city, Delhi enjoys free door-step delivery from many leading memory foam mattress providers. Buying mattresses online has its own set of perks. It sets you free from the hassle of being stuck in the traffic for hours, visiting showroom after showrooms just to find the best match, and get the right mattress price in Delhi. 

Much leading memory foam mattress online platform offers you great discounts, coupons codes, and cashback facility to save extra bucks on your purchase. Then there is 101 testing period. This means if you face any quality issues during 101 days of usages, your product will be taken back or replace. This facility is absent in many showrooms as well. 

Pick the right memory foam mattress 

Based on material/technology used, memory foam mattresses are available in various forms:

Traditional / Standard / Viscoelastic Memory Foam – This is the very first and basic type of memory foam mattress that was making high-waves in the mid-’90s. Until now, no other mattress can beat this type when it comes to comfort and satisfaction. Due to its high density of 4.0 to 7.0 PCF, it bears great longevity. However, some people had complaints of excessive body heat while sleeping over it.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam – The recent addition in the list, gel-infused memory foam mattress comes with gel/liquid infused in the basic structure solving the issue of sleeping hot which was the case with traditional memory foam. It keeps your body cooler by 4 degrees in summers and helps you enjoy a comfortable sleep. 

Plant-Based Memory Foam – It’s an environment-friendly option assuring you of no VOCs / toxic Off-gassing. As it is not relying on your body temperature to reform, you can enjoy comfortable sleep throughout the year. 

Pay attention to the layers and thickness 

The thickness of your memory foam mattress is a clear indicator of how much comforting and durable your mattress would be. So, if you want to buy the best mattress in Delhi, make sure you check the number of layers it has. A mattress with 5-layers and having 15.24CM (6-inches) thickness is considered a good option and can be trusted blindly when you expect durability and longevity even after years’ long usage. 

Never ignore the certification 

To get the best mattress in Delhi, you should always look for quality certification. In the case of the mattress, CertiPUR-US® is the certification that assures you that memory foam used in your mattress is free from harmful chemicals like lead & mercury, ozone depletes and has low VOC. Such mattresses are safe to use and won’t cause any harm even after years’ long usage. 

Always compare the mattress price in Delhi 

Before making the final purchase, you should always compare the mattress price in Delhi at the various online or offline showrooms to ensure the best purchase. 

We hope these tips will help you make the right purchase. For more assistance, you can leave your comments and we are there to help you.