Wood PlanksTouches of old wood add personality to any type of home – whether it is a brand new, cookie-cutter tract home or a 1930s bungalow. Sitting in a cozy group, drinking coffee around a fire, sharing conversation and simply reveling in being in the good company of others, you know that you feel warm and wonderful with the luxury of wood surrounding you in your home. Wood walls feature a modern and stylized look that will make your interior spaces feel finished and coordinated. You can create this comfort easily with engineered wood flooring options installed on your walls.

Try light wood floors in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural sunlight, as they offer a crisp and engaging look. An engineered floor’s surface texture is smooth, which ensures that your walls will look freshly installed even years after you have put them up. I am about to explain in full detail as per request the process we took to lay our own wood flooring planks. Yes, there are small gaps between the planks in some parts that smashed up gold fish get into and I have to vacuum out. You need to push the planks together before you staple them to the floor so it’s way easier to dry fit all the boards and use the walls and pry bars to smash all the planks together, then staple.

The room is completely flooded with light all day long, so I decided to go dark and dramatic on the walls and the floors. So to start, just use a level to hang your first plank up against the ceiling and then stagger the next plank underneath and maybe cut it down a little too so not every plank is the same length. I just brushed the paint on so I could get into the cracks between the planks easily.Wood Planks

I used a couple of nickels to space out my planks before I nailed them in. Worked like a charm to create a small, consistent sized gap between the planks. I didn’t set mine in yet though because I don’t mind seeing the shadow of the nails in the planks. To fill in the plant shelf area above the closets, I sort of framed out the space with 1×2’s and just nailed in the planks on the frame.

I’ve been using Benjamin Moore’s Onyx on our doors (you can see it here in action on the louvered doors below) and I decided to go a couple shades lighter on the walls in here. This whole area will get reworked when we do the big kitchen renovation in a year or two, so I’m fine with this temporary fix on both the walls and the floors. I think the melamine planks could be just the idea to hide the ugly wood paneling in my daughters’ room.

Wood Planks

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