Vinyl FlooringVinyl flooring is a great way to get the look and beauty of natural hardwood, ceramic and stone floors without the added cost. We did indeed remove all of the damaged flooring in our repair job as it was only in the kitchen area. You can tell when you remove the damaged areas of flooring how bad the water damage extends to the surrounding area. My concern is that the tiles will ‘pop’ in the cold weather and I’ll be fixing them constantly. They should adhere to the floor surface better than the vinyl tiles as they are often used in colder climates.

The area in question looks to be about maybe 1 foot by 1 foot, I think water ran down the side and underneath since there is no drip edge. Very cold temps may affect the peel and stick tiles and cause them to come loose from the floor, CWB. I’d consult someone at a builder’s supply or a flooring center to see what they recommend you to use. In the RV featured in this article the moisture trapped beneath the floor caused the wood and insulation to rot therefore causing the floor to be replaced. The flooring in the bath continues through out the camper to the carpet in front.

Randy would you have any idea why the vinyl flooring in my KZ Outdoorsman is splitting and peeling away from the sub floor. The second reason could be the type of climate or environment the camper has been exposed to. I have no idea where you reside, but very frigid temperatures can adversely affect both vinyl flooring materials, and the adhesives used to bond them to the sub-floor. A little research brought me to the conclusion I needed to replace large sections of flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring can be cut to fit unique room shapes or around sinks and cabinets.

In the project pictured in this article I left them alone and simply replaced the floor around them, being sure to place extra joists along the base of the cabinets to support the new flooring. Now here comes the question, can I use aluminum L-brackets riveted to the tubing to support the plywood or should I use just wood and screwed to the aluminum as a support for the floor. With the front seats removed I can see the front wall panel of the camper has some rot at the bottom but it looks more like it was from contact with the floor than from water coming down.

I removed as much frame/cabinets as possible and noticed a good clue as to where to find rotted wood – if the screws were completely rusted off or heavily corroded then the floor was probably not good in that spot! I was thinking about using vinyl tile but after reading here about the concerns about adhesion in cold climates I am rethinking this option. The camper will never be used or moved in the extreme cold and I really don’t want to do battle with a roll of vinyl so if you hear anything about adhesive backed vinyl tile success in extremes please let your readers know.

Vinyl FlooringVinyl Flooring

How To Lay Peel And Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring
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