Installation of unfinish solid parket such as parquet teak, flooring merbau, sonokeling flooring, sungkai wood flooring, are as follows:

First of all, floor to be installed parquet should be in plaster until smooth and flat. Because the floor of the wood floor depends on whether or not flat plaster.

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Installation of the parquet it self can actually be done on plastering that has been in fine if necessary can also be covered with multiplex with a minimum thickness of 15 mm.

Furthermore, the surface of the floor that would in pairs parquet either above over plywood, in smear the wood glue sufficiently. Then in stacking parquet one by one above Plywood that has been spread out.
After the installation is complete, go to the next stage of wood floor welding that has been installed by using a special machine to flatten the surface of the parquet.

The next stage is finishing the work can be done with spray, or it could be with a special roll paint for coating oil.

The two ways mentioned above have their respective advantages and disadvantages that can be considered.
Installing wood floor is actually better, stronger and more durable, only if the plaster is uneven or wavy, then even his parquet will come wavy,
Installing the wood floor above the multiplex is actually flatter because the base itself is already flat with the multiplex. In addition to more flat is also more soft than the above directly mounted. Only in terms of multiplex power is faster decay in the average time of two years because the plywood endurance is lower than the solid wood package.

As for the cost of installation

Another case with parquet laminate installation. Installing laminate parquet is easier and faster installation process compared to the installation of Solid Unfinish wooden parquet with a ratio of 4 to 1.


If installation of a solid uniform wooden parquet of one hundred meters requires two weeks of installation time. As for the installation of the type of laminate area of ​​one hundred meters takes only 3-4 days.
In addition, there are also technical installation of outdoor wood flooring or decking which is also different from the technical installation with the above described. Wood Decking is usually used for wood floor garden or pool deck.

So the information may be useful.


How to Install a Solid Wooden Parquet