Glass DoorIn tough economic times, few of us are in the mood to go buy a new home and probably can’t sell the one we have anyway. A beverage compartment at the bottom of the right door stays cold enough to store perishable items like milk or yogurt – plus it’s roomy enough to hold two one-gallon jugs of milk a great feature for families with kids, making it easy for little ones to grab a drink or snack without going through the entire fridge. Slide and tip the new door and frame into place; an extra pair of hands will help a lot here.

This article explores some of these possibilities including the reuse of glass as windows in cupboard doors; in built-in furniture, and as windows and in doors in garden sheds. It doesn’t matter what type of glass it is, whether it’s frosted or clear, single or double glazed, plain glass or toughened glass; all sheet glass has a potential in future DIY projects. Begin by removing the trim on the old door; casing on the inside and the brick mold on the exterior.

One option, not covered in this article, but which is equally beneficial, especially for the keen gardener, is the reuse of old window glass as cloches and cold frames in the garden. This Article demonstrates uses for salvaged window glass in various DIY projects with a brief reference of where the recycled glass originally came from. A good question, and yes if you go to the right supplier small pieces of glass isn’t expensive to buy, provided you don’t need the edges bevelled e.g. for a coffee table; and if it’s not bevelled the glazier can cut it for you on the spot. I can’t remember where I got this sheet of glass from but obviously I had to cut it to size (with a glass cutter) to fit the vent.Glass Door

However, apart from the fact that I don’t like waste glass doesn’t take up much storage space and it’s too hand if and when needed so you don’t waste any time and expense going out and buying just a small piece of glass, which if you had to hand you could have just carried on cutting to size (if required) to fit into your latest Home DIY Project. When framing glass you need to make the frame 1/8 inch (4mm) wider and taller than the glass itself to ensure a good fit.

The glass for the main window, looking out from the home DIY workshop bench, was one half of a double glazed window which a builder salvaged for me when we had our living room replaced with French Doors; the other half of the double glazed window was stored and later used as a window in the side of a small potting shed. For my help I was given the old vent which required some work to clean-up and a new piece of glass; but once restored would provide ideal ventilation for the shed extension. If I do need to buy plate glass for these it’s not expensive and can be cut on the spot while you wait.

Glass Door

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