Bamboo FlooringMy preference is wooden floors and especially the laminate wood look floors. One of the main concerns that come with choosing any material to be used for flooring in a sunroom is how the sunlight can affect it. According to SF Gate , hardwood flooring can lighten considerably due to exposure to the sun- something that you can avoid entirely by getting bamboo floors instead. When finishing a basement, the flooring that is put down can make it a successful renovation or a failure of one.

With how much easier it is to get bamboo to be produced into flooring, you can feel good knowing that it has less of an impact on the environment and will be a good fit in homes with eco-friendly features throughout. Although bamboo flooring is more affordable than hardwood, it is still important that you consider the costs involved. While the cost of new bamboo floors can vary greatly based on where you live and the size of the sunroom, you can expect the average cost of $1250 for a 16×16 room.Bamboo Flooring

Gathering quotes from local businesses for the size of your sunroom and the kind of bamboo you like best will ensure that you get a good deal on your new floors. Bamboo floors can be swept daily and only use minimal deep cleaning in order to stay in great shape in the years to come. Some bamboo flooring can be indented with a fingernail or easily scratched with a pet’s claw.

With all the benefits that come with bamboo flooring, you will quickly see just how ideal they are for use in a sunroom. By choosing bamboo floors for a remodel in your sunroom, you will likely want to spend more time in the sunroom and will be happy with all the benefits listed above. This is why the manufacturers of bamboo flooring provide a carbonized variety of the product.

You will learn about the best types of flooring for damp areas that will not promote mold growth and remain in great condition for years. Bamboo plants are harvested and then the narrow strips (or slats as they are sometimes referred to as) of the flattened plant are laminated together under high pressure with an adhesive to produce boards. The bamboo flooring planks are then treated with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate any mildew and kiln-dried to at least 8-10% moisture content.

Bamboo Flooring

How To Install A Bamboo Floor
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