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Gems are valuable items that are found in the Earth. The surface of the Earth consists of hundred and thousand of minerals. In other word gems are mineral crystals that are taken out of the earth’s surface and then after processing it is polished and cut to form beautiful shapes and structures that are worn by people all over the world either for the purpose of fashion or mostly for the benefit it offers to the wearer.

Blue sapphire is also known by the term Neelam Gemstone and this is probably the only stone that can save a person from the wrath of Saturn which is also known as the fire spitting dragon. If a person has this planet misaligned during their birth or any other time it can cause huge downfall in their lives hence the name fire spitting dragon.

Have you heard that certain horoscopes can only wear this stone? You should not wear it every day? Well think again, if there is a dragon in the back yard and only this stone can lend its power to offer protection from the ferocious planet Saturn then should one not wear it? (refer to expert advice for this matter.)

In scientific term this precious stone is a mineral stone that consists of aluminium oxide and traces of other elements such as iron, chromium, titanium and magnesium or copper. Typical sapphires are known for its blue color but trust the speaker it is also found in variety of other beautiful colors. Yellow, orange, purple as well as green are its other colors.

Derivation of the word

The people born in the month of September consider this stone their birthstone. Derived from Latin and Greek word “saphirus” and “sapheiros” respectively which both means blue.

History of the stone

 This is the stone that is found to have been of importance since ancient times approximately 800BC. Persian Rulers of old times believed that the reason the sky is blue is due to its reflection on the sapphire stone. It is also found to be of importance to the Catholic Church for the same reason as the Persians. To some of the other religions this stone is the representation of the heavens and are also considered the stone of the apocalypse.

The most important piece about this stone says that the tablet in which the ten commandments were written was made of sapphire. Other than that the sapphire is known as one of the stones that offer benefits to the wearer.

Benefits of wearing the stone

There are numerous of benefits that can be gained after wearing the stone either as in the form of a chain or a ring.

  1. This stone will shower the wearer with wealth, a good name, fame, prosperity, happiness, mental peace, a longer life, and children who are good.
  2. Wearing this stone is also known for protecting against travel problems and issues, danger, theft, terror, problems and accidents from storms, natural disasters and fire.
  3. It is also one of the best elements that changes financial situation for the betterment of close ones and is also known to help with a person’s career. Mental anxiety can be banished by wearing it.
  4. It is one true source of detachment and it acts as a powerful shield against envy and other harmful emotions.
  5. Brings about improvement in digestion.
  6. Removes lethargy and greatly enhances concentration and focus.
  7. Consists of supernatural healing capacity involved in calming the senses and to bring equanimity and calmness in the wearer.
  8. When certain zodiac signs wear this stone it takes away negativity, hidden fears and complexes.
  9. Probably the most important role of wearing this stone, it improves the quality of meditation and is of a great help in the quest to self-realization. It possesses the power to balance the crown chakra also known as Sahasrana chakra, the chakra point where the Kundalini merges with the rich cosmic chakra. It is of great help to spiritual aspirants.

The points mentioned above are the benefits and advantages that the blue gem stone known by the name of sapphire offers to its users. The advantages are numerous and priceless hence millions of people aspire to wear this stone.


The introduction, history and the benefits of the stone have been given to the reader by the writer. Particularly designed to be worn by the people born in the month of September for protection against many evils. This stone can be found in many jewellery shops both online and in the real life. For the information of the reader this type of mineral is mainly mined in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Kashmir, Myanmar and Australia. Stay cautious of flawed sapphires and a cracked stone may attract dangers.

Buy one that is authentic and real.

How To Effectively Use Blue Sapphire