On this website we will decipher how to build a house. The aim is to further facilitate visitors in understanding and knowing how to build a house based on the sequence of work to be done. After making the Electrical Installation Works, we continue with the next job that is Water Installation Work.

In general, this work consists of the installation of piping (water supply, sewage and water stools) and the installation of sanitary equipment such as; bidets, sinks, bathtubs, lavatories, floor drain, faucet and others, including the manufacture of septic tank and absorption wells.

Installation of sewage and water stool usually been done in advance (at the time of making the structure), while the installation of water pipes is done before the stucco work.

So if you use the services of plumbing for water installation work on your home, you should do the works contract when to begin the work structure of your home.

Things to consider the installation of water pipe installation:

  1. Use pipe measuring 4 “with a slope of at least 2% water installation feces. Because almost all factories making the size of the exhaust hole toilet The toilet is 4”.
  2. To save costs, the installation of waste water (sewage, fecal water and rainwater) enough to use pipe-coded “D” and for pressurized water pipes using pipe-coded “AW”.
  3. If you are using a tank roof capitalize because of gravity for water pressure should follow the principle of capillary tube using pipes 1 “as the primary channel, pipe 3/4” as secondary channels and pipes 1/2 “to tertiary channels.
  4. On the installation of dirty water and fecal water, use elbow which has a larger radius (large radius elbow) and also having a large radius Tee (large radius tee) to avoid the possibility of clogging the drain.
  5. For the elbow threaded into the socket or threaded in, preferably using a socket or threaded elbow that has iron in it.
  6. For the dirty water pipe on the second floor, before it is forwarded to the first floor should be paired P-Trap is helpful to avoid unpleasant smells get into the bathroom and also act as a trap heavy impurities that can lead to blockage in the sewer.
  7. Use good-quality floor drain is highly recommended. And to prevent small animals from coming into the bathroom, there is also a floor drain that serves to prevent the entry of odor to the bathroom.
  8. For hot water installations must use a special pipe to drain the hot water.
  9. Store up pipe installation by using fine sand.

To facilitate processing pipeline installation in your home, you better use the installation plumbing services that have experience through emergency plumber Derby.

 Here are some things that should be known at the water installation work in your home:

  1. Once installed, make sure there are no puddles on your toilet hole.
  2. Use a swan neck chiffon on your sink.

That is the way to build a house for water or sanitary installation work.

How to Build a House: Plumbing Installation