Wood FloorIf you are considering purchasing an anti slip under mat to stop your rug or carpet slipping on a hardwood floor. I thought that the allure floors would be great cause of the cost and ease of up keep. I have a concrete floor so I will seal it and then find something better to install. We purchased this flooring for our kitchen dining area, its been done for over a year, and the print is coming off with white underneath, Im worried because I cant find my receipt, ughhh!!

We had to have the flooring removed in the laundry room and bathroom in order to effect proper drying. We put laminate flooring anyway but I’m going to warn others in the building about this. I think it important to share that this company paid for the installation of a new floor and the removal of the old floor. I was out of pocket a little for the additional cost of porcelain tile… probably about $200.

The final test of their bottom line sincerity will be if they request the sample of the old flooring that I volunteered to send to them but have not. We all know there is a degree of risk with flooring – no matter what it is made of. We just installed our floor this past Saturday and it looks great, but now one of my boys and I hate to come home. Remember Halstead paid for the cost of reinstalling different flooring in my case. I haven’t been to get our refund because I agree that they should pay for a new floor as well as a refund on the toxic flooring.

So in the meantime they will probably pay for the cost of putting non-poisonous (I went with ceramic tile extra expense be damned)replacement flooring in place until so many people get wind of it at which time they will be forced to take their chances on somebody putting all the ducks in a row and suing them out of business. I have to wonder how many people are sick from this stuff and don’t even realize it’s the flooring. I am pretty well convinced that at least some of this flooring product is in fact every bit as toxic as it seems. I continue to have reactions to the floor as well although not as severe as hers.

There is so much interconnection between these issues it is hard to just talk about flooring. After further investigation I found that Halstead has the flooring made for them by another company based in Malaysia with other possible locations. I never really had much faith in them after they did not request a sample of the flooring they paid to have removed from my house. Both of my daughters have installed allure flooring and they love it There is no odor.Wood Floor

Wood Floor

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