Glass DoorIf you’re looking for a glass door, French door, or closet door, you’ve come to the right place. Consistent with the structural integrity and clean lines of the door construction, the screens are manufactured using full-hollow, tubular, hat shaped aluminum extrusions with an integral screw brace, resulting in a strong, rigid frame with tight hairline corner joints. Our standard Sliding Glass Door threshold has an interior sill height of 1.5”, and meets the AAMA C30 commercial specification. Your small laundry room window, for example, will likely be more forgiving than the glass in your main entry door!

In small powder rooms or bathrooms, curtains just clutter the décor and gather damp; and if you’ve tried to fit a set of blinds to sidelights in an entry door, you’ll know what a pain that can be… Re-glazing with frosted glass or removing a window is just too permanent, too expensive, and simply not an option if you rent your place. If you want the increased privacy and sunlight control of a decorative window film, but you’re not so much interested in the stained-glass or color-tint look – consider the classic frosted glass or etched glass styles.

I find myself drawn to the really vibrant colors – particularly those designs that are predominantly shades of blue or green, but for an older heritage home my first choice would probably be a pattern that most closely replicates the look of small panes of stained glass or pebbled glass. As most entry halls are a bit on the dark side, that’s another reason why the etched or frosted look (as opposed to the colored stained glass styles) is a good choice of window film for this application.

I like the stained glass one, for those nosy neighbors 🙂 However, the Energy one is probably a better bet for where I live. An old window (with panes of glass) can be hung as a picture frame, with a scene poster glued to the back can make a blank wall very interesting plus it makes it look like you are looking out at an outdoor scene. If you find a neat old window without glass you can make a neat mirror by adding mirror glass where the glass was.

I just recently took an old fashioned metal glider swing (it looked really bad, weathered, paint chipped and rusted) that seats two, sanded all the chipped paint off, repainted it to match the metal awning on my home, sat it by my mini pond in the front yard and it looks brand new. It is doesn’t take up much space and I love it. My daughter and I have gotten several small three drawer stands, painted each drawer different colors, changed knobs and they’ve ideal in kids rooms. I tried leaning the screen door back on the track and placing a baby gate in the doorway, but the cats climbed it and the dog knocked it down.Glass Door

Glass Door

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