Wood PlanksTo begin to play the game, you will have to download it from your phone or tablet’s app store. The floors into the two bedrooms are original floorboards and carpet and are a similar level to the new oak floor whereas the home office and bathroom step up to floating wooden flooring on top of the original floorboards; laminate wood and wood tile floors respectively. The patterns on these tiles are so realistic that they are often indistinguishable from real wood flooring.

We did consider buying wood sills but these days they’re only made from MDF which at just a few millimetres (1/4 inch thick) has no strength and will quickly break once people start walking on it whereas aluminium is a strong material that will stand up to traffic, and surprisingly was a lot cheaper than the MDF strips. In particular the doorframe to the main bedroom had a big chunk of missing wood which a previous occupant had filled using Polyfilla which had fallen out when I pulled took the old pine floorboards.

An alternative is to put down flat stepping stones or rounds of wood so you have something to walk on, and make the bed around them. Finish with 6 inches of straw, wood chips or sawdust.(Do not bury the sawdust or wood chips.) This top layer will prevent the mulch from blowing away, and will keep down weeds. This increase of use and preference of wood tile is completely understandable considering that this porcelain tile offers the same beauty that real wood does. Perfect wood grains and wood character are found in every porcelain tile, making them look more like wood than other faux wood products.

These patterns also vary so much that each tile has its own individual grain pattern just as real wood does. Water is a major problem for wood flooring and is often the cause of expensive repairs. This makes it a much better option than wood flooring which can be damaged permanently by many cleaners and in general is much harder, more expensive, and time consuming to maintain. These tiles actually offer more styles and colors than traditional wooden floors do.Homeowners that love the look of a particular shade and type of wood no longer have to search high and low for it. Exotic and hard to find woods are no longer a problem.

Wood tiles can even mimic the charm of old or weathered wood which many homeowners love because not only is real wood like this difficult to find it;s also very expensive. Best of all, choosing tile flooring can offer substantial savings over real wood because it is much cheaper to both purchase and install. While wood flooring is great looking, there’s no reason to spend so much money on buying, installing, maintaining, and inevitably repairing your wood floor when there is a much better alternative. So if you like the look of wood but not the headache that comes along with it, check out wood tile for you next flooring project.

Wood PlanksWood Planks

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