Wood FloorIf you are or have recently remodeled your home, you know how popular laminate wood flooring has become. If you still like the basic colors but the room needs a paint job, just changing the shade or tone of color may make everything feel new and fresh again. People are often concerned about using dark colors in a small room but it can work very well, feeling like a cozy den or cocoon. Some wonderful dark bathroom wall colors which work well with white or light fixtures are chocolate, black, deep purple, navy blue, hunter green, burgundy, crimson, and terracotta.

Light colored or white accessories and towels will pop and look very sharp against the dark walls, or you can use contrasting or toning dark colors for a more subtle effect. Dark colors are good if you have a high ceiling which is out of proportion to the room size: this sometimes happens where a bathroom has been squeezed in to an older house with high ceilings.

Trim colors: white is always safe but if you have a lot of trim and a dark or medium wall color, it can get rather busy looking. If you have historic tile or really wild tile colors and designs, though, it may work best to feature them and build the whole color scheme around them. The woodwork is walnut and the carpet is a lighter shade of green picked from the colors in the paper.

We’ve had a new white bathroom installed with slate laminate flooring and I painted the walls an olive-y green with a subtle gold sparkle in it. It looks awful! I have used a pale sage green combined with a pale dusty blue, with white sink and toilet, medium dark wood cabinets. I have a small bathroom, so I try to stick with lighter colors on the walls because this helps open up my bathroom space. My guest bathroom is Autumn Gourd and my master bath is Teal Mosaic├óboth colors make each room so much more than bathrooms. This floor cleaner both dry-mops and wet-mops your floors while you do almost anything else.

Here are 21 fabulous reasons I’m glad to have this cute little robot cleaning my hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. Take a shower, hang out with the kids, or go for a walk with your sweetheart while the robot cleans your hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. First out of the box, the sleek, classy, black Mint 5200C, along with its turbo charger and charging cradle, two reusable white dry-mop cleaning cloths and one reusable blue wet-mop cleaning cloth.

Wood FloorWood Floor

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