Bamboo FlooringSearching for the right flooring that is reasonably priced, sensible and exquisite might be considerably of a challenging task. Where a laminate may be needed for a vinyl or tile material, much less expensive plywood is a more than adequate surface for bamboo to be affixed to. Bamboo is far less sensitive to temperature changes than many other materials, like stone, tile or vinyl. This isn’t the case for bamboo; general hand tools, cross cut saws, compound miter saws and dovetail saws are perfect for finishing a home project like this. Again, this will mean, more than likely, that you will need a professional installation.

There is no need to use hardwood saws – despite its strength, bamboo is relatively easy to cut, and available in shorter sections so you can maneuver it easily around your work site. In Japan, bamboo has historically been used for industrial scaffolding, so it’s certainly more than strong enough for your family’s flooring needs. Laminates and engineered flooring are perfect choices for this kind of flooring.

If you are looking for a reasonably strong, lightweight floor, bamboo might be a viable option. People instantly think of tile or marble when they are looking for a durable flooring surface, but bamboo can certainly be considered a top contender for longest lasting. Originally, if you were looking to install bamboo in your home, you had to search high and low, in flooring houses and lumber yards.

If you look at some of the vintage floors in Asia, where bamboo is widely used, you can see how over time the surface becomes its own gallery of smooth mottled tones and really enhances the décor of any home. Since its increase in recent popularity, bamboo has gone from a difficult to find and somewhat obscure material, to a widely available surface found at almost any home improvement center.Bamboo Flooring

With these points brought to light, it’s easy to see how bamboo flooring is becoming one of the leading flooring surfaces available today. From its wide adaptability and durability to its cost effectiveness, bamboo has something to offer everyone. Impossible to refinish, we compromised and kept it. For those considering installing bamboo flooring, I’ve boned up on the material and can offer the following advice—in hindsight. The first thing to know about bamboo is that while it behaves like wood, it’s actually a fast-growing, tree-like grass that renews itself every four years.

Bamboo Flooring

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