Glass DoorFORT MYERS, Fla.- Fort Myers police are searching for a suspect in a burglary at the Metro PCS on the 3500 block of Fowler Street. Door brushes and sweeps are great for keeping out winter chills but also help keep out dust and insects during the summer months too. The main issue with these is that when the door expands during those warmer months or from use of air conditioning or a swamp cooler you might find the snug winter fit is now causing scraping and sticking issues. This isa foam backed sticky tape which you apply to the gap all around your door frame.

Whilst breezes blowing underneath doors are a major problem in many homes and places of business that isn’t the only area in which cold air can leak in around a door as there are gaps all around which can be problematic too. Blocking air from blowing through the gap between a door and its frame can be achieved very easily with the use of foam weather strip seal.

Most cold feet issues are caused by frigid air leaking under a door but to fully seal a doorway and keep your heating bills low you will need to perform a little more maintenance, again cheap and very easy. It also has a nice bonus feature as it cushions the door when it is closed so if you live with people who love to bang the doors giving you a mini heart attack every time you’ll no longer have to worry about that either!Glass Door

Note: Do not over adjust your door, because when it cools again your door will shrink back. Just put a 5mm hex key into front and turn one way and the door will move to the left than turn it the other way and door will move in the opposite way. Otherwise one hinge will be taken more weight than it should and this will just wear down your door hinge faster.

Once you can see the hex nut you can turn it one way and this will tighten you door against the seal. Then more than likely the centre keep which is the metal keep on the frame of the door which the lock tongue goes into has just move a small piece. So when you turn them one way it will tighten the door against the seal when locked. Once you have this done you should notice that the handle is a little harder to push up when locking the door.

Glass Door

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