Glass DoorBeer at work has long been de rigueur in trendy American offices, but in the UK it’s not such an enshrined tradition. Scroll down the page to see his project that created a sliding barn door to separate two rooms in his house. Taking accurate measurements now will save you a lot of hassle when you install your barn door. Measure the height and width of the area where you intend to install the barn door. Cut the two-by-fours to the desired width and height to create the frame of your door. The door should nicely complement the rest of your décor and paint adds a nice protective coating. Get a friend to help you with this part because the door is likely to be heavy. You can outfit your DIY Sliding Barn Door with some old fashioned original barn door rollers to give it an authentic look.

Cool – I could certainly think of one place in my house where a barn door like this would look good. When I started writing this in April, 2009, we had been fighting them for over a article will be an illustrated journal of our discovery of termite damage and what we have done to repair it and keep the insects from coming back. On Wednesday, Larry said that to get at the entire floor, he had to remove the whole sliding door.Glass Door

Our handyman was in need of work and we were in need of repairs, so Larry came to help us. After he fixed one screen door downstairs, I reminded my husband the screen door for the sliding glass door that leads to our second-story balcony was also broken and needed rescreening. Some of the books for sale and in my private collection are stored in two bookcases on a wall between the door from the hall and the sliding glass door. It was then he spotted signs of termites in the corner between the smaller bookcase and the sliding door.

He tore away the corner of the book room floor and it became evident that the water had probably leaked into a spot between the sliding door frame and the wall. I took the pictures at night after Larry had put plywood and plastic sheeting over the hole where the sliding door had been. When I returned, not only was the sliding door gone, but most of the outside of the wall was gone. Kosta and Larry decided to put a French door in that would open against the bookcases.

The picture in this module was taken from the balcony looking in to where the the bookcase is blocking the door from the hall, as well as access to all the boxes I had carefully arranged that are behind it. Taken from balcony, looking in though hole where door used to be. You can see the bookcase is back in. If they can get the heavy French door up the ladder to the balcony without breaking it I might have a door again by tonight. The principal downside of sliding glass doors will almost always be that they are glass.

Glass Door

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