Glass DoorGlassdoor , an online platform that has been described as a TripAdvisor for the workplaceā€¯, is to create 100 jobs in Dublin over the next three years. Slide the spacer over the bottom of the door and, from the inside with the storm door closed and with the sweep just touching the threshold, drill holes in the door as necessary. Every door will be different, but this is normally a simple task and easily accomplished. I have been very happy with our storm door as I have been unable to train my grandchildren (or even my grown children) to shut the door. Jo ann, it really should slope down and away from the house to drain rain water away from the entrance door. The user must open the door and then put the hook through the eye to secure the door in the open position.

Storm doors are not constructed to seal with the care that an entrance door is and there will be some small amount of water that gets through the door; this should be drained away, not into the house. Even sanding the new threshold down 1/4 inch or so on the exterior side should be enough; just enough to channel that water away from the main door. In no case should the storm door threshold be higher than the regular threshold as this will absolutely channel water into the regular door.

Even if it doesn’t come inside until you open the main door it will still puddle and rot out the new threshold, particularly if it isn’t used regularly (perhaps you usually enter through a garage or other door?). In the case of the apartment building, often a kick down door holder or plunger type door holder will do the job, like the Ives FS455 or FS1153 above.

Doors that open and close by themselves as a person approaches are almost as convenient as no door at all, however automatic doors are expensive and require energy that is largely wasted upon people who are physically able to open a door for themselves. But because people are often lazy or forgetful, the hydraulic door closer is a handy means of making sure doors are shut after the space cadets have passed through. One such is the automatic door holder, such as the Ives FS40 pictured above right.Glass Door

Door closers are very widely used in commercial applications where cooling and heating energy conservation is a major concern, or in security applications such as entrances to multi-unit dwellings or other secure spaces. Arising from the widespread use of door closers is the need, on occasion, to temporarily hold open doors that would otherwise close automatically. A door closer with a friction hold-open arm (see below) works in much the same way, except it does not take up floor space.

Glass Door

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