Armstrong FlooringA few years ago my husband and I decided to replace the carpet in our condo with Pergo laminate flooring. This provides a more substantial board thickness which helps make the floor sound more like a wood floor and less like a laminate floor. Thinner laminate floors sometimes exhibit a hollow sound as you walk across it, and it’s notably different compared to a hardwood floor. For me, Armstrong laminate has a number of strong points starting with it’s 12mm thickness in the premium lineup.

Sure, you’ll pay more for a premium laminate but there is some ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’ at work here. I especially like their American Apple premium laminate and think it’s very well done. Color choice and quantity of woods to choose from is another strong suit of the Armstrong laminate flooring in my view. Compared to some other laminate floor makers, Armstrong has a lot to choose from, making it easier if you’re looking to match the right tones and wood looks to other features in your home. Overall I think the Armstrong product has plenty of attributes and merits being on the short list of any laminate flooring candidates.

Shopping for laminate flooring, regardless of brand, takes some time and investigation. If you’d like to find local sources and get free quotes on the installation of laminate flooring, just fill in the form below. It can link you up with laminate flooring professionals in your specific local area. Choosing Laminate Flooring – If you need a primer on what laminate flooring’s all about so you can make educated decisions, this article’s for you.

Laminate Vs Wood Flooring – Check out this article to see how laminate flooring stacks up against wood flooring. Choosing Wood Flooring – If you like the look of wood but still aren’t sure whether to go with laminate or real wood, see this article on choosing wood flooring which breaks down the topic into the key ‘need to know’ chunks. Flooring Choices – If you want to know what other choices you have in flooring and their pros and cons, see this article which lays out your options. Get Armstrong 12 ft. Wide Sundial Inca Slate II Wild Hawk Rust Residental Sheet Vinyl (30906411) in-stock right now at your and look Rated 5 out of 5 I love this floor.Armstrong Flooring

Product’s use in conjunction with vinyl floor coverings should be furnished by the manufacturer. All Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring are displayed with pictures and prices including Designer Solarian, Solarian and Fundamental Series. Armstrong Starstep is available at wholesale vinyl flooring prices from Owen Carpet. Because Armstrong Solarian is a top performing floor from the trusted leader in flooring. Sundial Product Information Floor Covering Information \ Sheet Armstrong S-288 adhesive for the full spread method.

Armstrong Flooring

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