Bamboo FlooringGeneral contractors and home builders, in my experience, do not do a good job with specialty trades. We have completed many successful projects for happy clients around Victoria and supplied Australia wide (see our Gallery and Testimonials pages), and look forward to introducing more property owners to this superior flooring material. An incredibly durable, versatile, sustainable and price-competitive form of hardwood flooring, bamboo has become the floor of choice for many people building or renovating homes with an eco-friendly edge.

In fact, what makes bamboo so unique and appealing as a flooring option is its sustainability. Bamboo floors are also very popular because they give a stunning look to any room and can be adapted to any decorating style. Bamboo itself can also be dyed into many colors or kept completely natural, finished or unfinished. You can also find bamboo at reasonable prices, which makes it a wonderful option for redecorating on a budget. One of the myths about bamboo flooring is that it is taking food away from endangered Giant Pandas.Bamboo Flooring

You may be wondering about the various style options, installation, maintenance and why bamboo flooring may not be as eco-friendly as it seems. Now Nadav Malin and Jessica Boehland at Environmental Building News have looked at bamboo again, and what is surprising to me is how little things have changed. While they do rely almost exclusively on bamboo shoots and leaves for food, pandas no longer occupy the lowlands where bamboo is now harvested for industrial uses. The authors note that no bamboo products are Greenguard certified, and one company that does testing for Greenguard has seen mixed results.

Bamboo is not a solid material cut into boards like wood, but in fact is made of strands compressed together with glue, which depending on the supplier, can be formaldehyde free or not. We’ve done testing on some bamboo floors that look great, others that don’t,” reports Steady of Air Quality Sciences, Inc. Certification programs do add to the cost of doing business, but they are the best way to prove the environmental merits of bamboo products. Verdura bamboo flooring is made from bamboo poles selected when matured after only four to five years.

Traditional timber flooring is made from trees that take forty to sixty years to grow, in old growth forests and rainforests. Verdura selects only the highest grade bamboo and uses market leading technology to create floors of outstanding quality. Bamboo Floors – Higuera Hardwoods – Your one stop for all your bamboo hardwood product needs including flooring, panels, countertops, veneer, stair parts, mouldings, vents and so much more. Natural (vertical or horizontal grain)- Strips of the flooring are cut and re-assembled with adhesive. Thin veneer engineered products of bamboo simply lack the available surface depth to be sanded.

Bamboo Flooring

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