Vinyl FlooringIt was at least seven years old, and even my best attempts with my carpet shampooer couldn’t bring it back to life (and I have more experience with a carpet shampooer than I like to admit- thank you world’s worst pack of dogs). Stubbornly, to prove it did not look stupid, I arranged several of the old and new tiles out on the floor. When I started to lay out the EuroStone vinyl tile, I was soooo careful, paranoid that just one set slightly off would ruin the whole floor. But by the second box, I was ripping off the backing paper, tossing it over my shoulder, and nearly flinging the tiles in place.

The flooring turned out just great and I do like the way the green walls and window treatments match. The Lowes website doesn’t have it anymore, only a similar one which I believe would create the effect you were just talking about!! So, to get started.. The prep work is a lot harder than laying the tiles… First my husband pulled up the old, nasty carpet.. It is amazing how much dirt gets trapped underneath carpet and padding.. No wonder our little Dachshund sneezed so much! It is real wood on the walls, and the floor looks just as real.. These vinyl planks are very impressive!!

He worked on that throughout the day.. the hardest part was the little pieces he had to fit in around some weird walls… He did a great job and it looks so pretty! Up next: the living room and hallway floor.. We’ll be laying the vinyl planks on those floors, too! I bet someone at Lowes might be able to tell you how to deal with it (We should have asked.

My husband thinks we should have used a floor leveler to smooth that out…It’s about a 3′ section walking into the kitchen..We think we’ll probably put one of those wooden strips you would lay between carpet and flooring to conceal the slight bump. Lol).. They were very helpful to us when we purchased the flooring.. Lowes knows!! Then I painted a layer of the Old Henry’s floor primer on it before laying the planks. Armstrong recommended care and maintenance tips for your vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, or luxury vinyl floor.Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring

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