A sumptuously decorated and furnished living room requires first of all meticulous planning of floor space. Without proper floor planning your interior decor risks being overcrowded and cluttered. On the other hand, too many furniture bought for your living room can actually prevent free flow of air and light, two essential elements of any living room interior. Let us advise you about a few effective ways to plan floor space to boost the look and feel of your living room interior.

  • Ensure Enough Leg Space Around The Sofa

Without modern sofas the comfort arrangement of the living room remains incomplete. But when you buy a large sofa to accommodate guests in your living room you also need to ensure enough legroom to allow people spreading their legs. Without enough legroom to allow people stretch in sofa, it just does not work as a comfort furniture at all.

  • A Coffee Table At The Centre With A Central Stand

There is no hard and fast rule to buy a particular type of coffee table your living room but it is always advisable to buy one that allows stretching your legs underneath while sitting in sofa. A table with a central stand in the middle can just be ideal in this respect. The negative aspect with such table is that they are mostly round and takes more space than the square or rectangular ones and secondly you cannot have an under the table storage to keep your periodicals and magazines.

  • A Sleek TV Stand

When you plan your floor space to accommodate all the furniture and required living room assets in a neat and organised manner, you need to be extremely careful about the footprint these pieces grab. Modern TV stands that are designed sleek and straight can just be ideal to accommodate your television set without wasting much space with a heavy piece of furniture.

  • A Split Sofa Or A Few Accent Chairs

People mostly get confused about planning their floor space to accommodate people to sit. Is your living space enough spacious to allow large sofa or is a split sofa more ideal option? Do you need a few additional accent chairs to create a sense of comfort and affluence for living room sitting? All these considerations depend how many furniture pieces you can actually accommodate without adding to the clutter of the interior.

  • What About Space Saving, Multipurpose Furniture?

While space is the most important consideration, it is smart to go for multipurpose furniture pieces loaded with inbuilt storage space. If you buy furniture online UK stores can allow you browsing an extensive collection of such smart furniture that can save valuable floor space with inbuilt storage.

Five Ways Planning Room Space Can Benefit your Living Room Decor