Bamboo FlooringWhat is Carbonized Bamboo Flooring – Carbonized bamboo flooring is a kind of floor covering with carbonized completing, supplying a dark brownish-yellow color on the surface just like the shade of young teak wood. This article is all about Home Legend bamboo flooring, and we’ll review the options they have available. Before we get into the specific brands and types, we’ll touch on bamboo flooring in general and what you can reasonably expect from the product. We’ll compare Home Legend bamboo flooring to other products on the market and see how it compares. Before we get into the specifics of Home Legend’s engineered bamboo flooring, we should talk about the product in general to give you a sense of what it’s all about.

Basically laminate bamboo flooring is a substance created by compressing bamboo fibers into a mold and then treating it in a certain way that brings out various colors and textures. Laminate bamboo flooring is molded in a way that lets it ‘click’ together with great ease. This means that anyone can install home legend bamboo flooring, or any laminate flooring for that matter, in a snap.

Because it it compressed, bamboo laminate flooring is both durable and flexible. Carbonized bamboo flooring has essentially been heat treated in order to darken the texture. For more information regarding laminate bamboo flooring and the carbonization process, check out my bamboo flooring review article (will post link later). When it comes to bamboo flooring, Home Legend is a fantastic choice for a lot of reasons. First off, the company is well known for producing a quality floor product even outside of its bamboo offerings. Caring for any laminate flooring is important, but it’s definitely lower maintenance than any ‘real wood’ choices.

There are literally thousands of options for flooring out there; what Home Legend brings to the table is quality and proprietary technology intended to improve the experience of the buyer in installation and use. A major concern for many people when choosing laminate flooring is durability, and Home Legends bamboo flooring takes this into consideration. Since bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood, they have taken extra care to coat it 7 times with a coating intended to extend its life and avoid scuffs, scrapes and marring.

Most other reviewers agree: these laminate bamboo floors will outlast many other options on the market, and continue to look great for a long time. Home Legend bamboo flooring is an easy to install product, and their website offers many videos and guides on how to put it in place. Here are some examples of great Home Legend bamboo floors you can buy and easily install.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

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