Basement IdeasNo matter what size your house is, the process of creating functional, affordable storage solutions can be overwhelming. What’s good about the open ceiling is that if by chance you had a water leak in any of the plumbing you have complete access to it, but with the sheet rock or the drop ceiling your new ceiling will have water damage that would have to be repaired. To waterproof your basement begin by repairing and filling cracks in the foundation floor and walls. Waterproof epoxy paint basement can be purchased at your local home improvement store at affordable prices. As long as you are assured that your basement have been properly waterproofed you can paint the concrete floors of your basement.

Waterproof paint can be tinted different colors so you are able to use the walls of your basement as well. Learning to paint the walls of the concrete basement with paint tinting will give you the color you want regime in the room while preventing any water damage to occur. Painting concrete basement, either floors or walls, can provide a quick and easy way to remodel your basement as well as provide a finish to sustainable and enjoyable research. When deciding on the color scheme for you basement there are a few things to consider.

If your basement is already finished, so you will not have to worry about using the waterproof paint on the walls. The first is that the basement is already a dark place that does not have many windows so you should avoid dark colors like black. Some good ideas interior wall paint color schemes for basement design includes red, green, blue and yellow.Basement Ideas

If your basement will work as a games room where children can play and you can sit and enjoy a movie with your family, you can choose a paint that is slightly brighter than the one you put in other areas of your home. Lighter shades of yellow can make it look larger than it is part, which would be good for a small basement. You can also find the best basement of designs in 2015 then see what was popular during the past year.

Wall Paint Ideas for Basement –┬áIf you are in need of some beautiful design inspiration for the renovations, you can look in magazines or online to the ideas of the color of the walls and basement photos to concepts. Because designs change every year, there will be new trends 2015 color paint for basements appearing soon. No matter what your basement functions because there are many paint color ideas unfinished basement and finished to choose.

Basement Ideas

Finishing Basement Ideas
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