Chiang Mai Cafe; the Best Place for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are always traveling in search of inspiration and a place they can work with little or no distractions. Chiang Mai has become a favorite spot for the digital nomads. The free connection to the web is one of the top reasons that digital migrators are attracted to this city. When compared to most areas of the world, you will find that the accommodation is cheap. Due to the high number of tourist, there are numerous online platform and below are some of the most popular places.

About the CAMP

The CAMP is one of the places that you are likely to find digital migrators flooding. The irony of this place is that it is located in a shopping mall and you will still find digital nomads crowding the caf?. In fact, the cafe is so popular that the digital nomads will have to fight the local students just to get a seat. The CAMP has many benefits including enough seating and outlets, private rooms that can be used for meetings, fast WiFi connection, it is centrally located, has a large community vibe and it is opened 24 hours. The internet connection is not completely free as those people in the caf? have to purchase something after 2 hours.
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About Kaweh
Looking On The Bright Side of Cafes

Though it is not on top of a shopping mall, there is one that is close to the cafe. Looking at the cafe when you are outside you might wonder what makes it so popular. Though you might not see it when you are outside; the caf? has many beautiful rooms. These rooms are decorated in a way that it feels more like a living room and not just a coffee place. In this cafe you will not only get the home feel, but you will also have a chance to get into these rooms and think without any disruption. The other reason why the place is popular is that it is a place that never sleeps.

About Food4Thought

Most bloggers like working from a cafe where the noise is minimal destruction and if this is the case Food4Thought is the place to be. It is not a place that is easy to find and one has to travel a far distance using a motorbike. Digital nomads like this place not only because it is secluded but because it has less noise compared to the cafes in the city. For those who are looking for an ideal environment to think and reflect then this is the place to be. The restaurant offers plenty of menu for drinks and food, thus, the guest has plenty of healthy options to choose from. The restaurant has top notch service that you are bound to enjoy. You also have an option of sitting inside or outside deepening with what you prefer.

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