Vinyl FlooringThis hub is dedicated to installing engineered hardwood flooring, with tips and specific directions on how to install your own flooring. The luxury planks come with a tongue-and-groove interlocking system deeming the entire floor covering to be almost 100% waterproof. Luxury vinyl planks can either be floating, which means they are stuck together and just covering the floor without actually being attached to the floor or they can be glued down. For locations in your home where there is high traffic, in industrial settings or in high heat climates, it’s advisable to use adhesive to seal the vinyl to the sub flooring below. A downside of vinyl tiling is that it must be directly placed on its sub floor.

This is a fraction of added cost, it will add time to the installation but worth it to not have to re-do any portion of the floor once the project is complete. Other flooring types like hard wood and laminate planks can have extra padding and insulation installed below them for extra comfort. Also, the tiles and planks are not rigid or thick enough to hide surface imperfections below them.

So, if there’s a small difference in sub floor board pieces that don’t line up to be flush and no leveler is used to compensate for the raised edge, this will eventually make its way visually through the vinyl flooring. Exposed nail or screw heads can undoubtedly cause this effect, too possibly puncturing through the vinyl depending on traffic. Increasingly luxurious vinyl tiling products have certainly changed the former trend somewhat that laminate flooring has a higher resale rate than vinyl but not fully. Considering vinyl flooring, it would be easy to install carpet or laminate right over the top if a future owner ever wished to do so.

Laminate flooring is a great choice because the look and feel of real wood is there. Laminate floor planks are easy to install as more modern manufacturers offer a click-and-lock fastening system to the planks. The best part about its floating capability along with its rigidity is that insulation and/or padding can be laid down before the planks are installed above. This type of vinyl is also called rotovinyl, from the name of the printing process.Vinyl Flooring

Laminate planks are composed of wood composites, including saw dust with a laminated and design-bearing top layer. Laminate flooring also limits you to the type of cleaner you can use on it, how you apply the cleaner, you can’t use water to clean it ever and spills of any type must be cleaned up immediately. That just screams ‘high-maintenance’ in my mind, but it’s a very nice and definitely considerable flooring option. Linoleum can be purchased in sheets and stapled down which, along with its more economical price, makes this a quick and easy flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Economical Flooring Options For Home Investments
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